by / June 1st, 2010 /

New Kylie video – ‘All The Lovers’

Kylie may be the dullest pop star on the planet but there’s no doubt she comes up with the hits more often than most with great videos to boot. The song is standard enough this time around but the video for ‘All the Lovers’ is a sexy model pileup with Kylie on top.

It’s taken from her forthcoming Stuart Price-produced album Aphrodite which is released on July 5th. The single is out digitally from June 13th.

<a href=";from=&#038;vid=b0442b72-2639-4b14-9846-ef4bd4403bda" target="_new" title="EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers">Video: EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue &#8211; All The Lovers</a>

  • Jenn

    Looks like an American Apparel team building day…