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New Lily Allen video

As she promised in our recent interview, Lily Allen isn’t afraid to put the rather rude ‘Fuck You’ out to the masses and has chosen it as the third single off her It’s Not Me, It’s You album. The track’s political message seems to have been lost somewhat though. See her at Oxegen next month.

  • anonymous

    This is tabloid news Phil! You said you were serious.

  • untitled

    no need to back up the masses, but i think anon you need it spelt out to you…

    tabloid: a newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material(the grolier international dictionary, pp1308)

    this is a viewing of a music artist video on a music website… a video which the artist and label have releases at their discretion… the sensationalism probably comes into the name of the song, which probably needs to be spelt out to you again ‘i s t h e c h o i c e o f t h e a r t i s t a n d l a b e l…’

    either that lily & co are greatly influence by phil!!!

  • anonymous

    Clearly Lily Allen is not in the video (except for a used picture of her, that was added to her twitter page. Lily Allen is not promoting this particular video & it is quite evident that it was made by an outside party.

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