by / October 15th, 2009 /

New Moon release party and Twilight event for Dublin

While we still make up our mind on the soundtrack, the second Twilight movie New Moon is nearly upon us. To celebrate, Ireland will be hosting its first theme nights, including a New Moon Release Party on Sunday 15th November. Taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dublin, the event will feature Solomon Trimble from the first movie. An all day affair, the party will include a table quiz competition, activities based around the vampiring theme, ask Solomon about his experience on set, and watch the first movie Twilight.

Tickets are available through the event’s website and also at a Twilight mini series event. The first event, in this series, will take place on Saturday 17th October in Pacinos Cellar bar, Suffolk St, Dublin. It is an opportunity for fans to buy/pick up pre-paid tickets for the Release party, submit questions for Solomon and chat with other fans.

  • Anon

    Come on. No offence but Solomon Trimble. He had one line in the movie & wasnt even recast for New moon. Is this really the best that can be offered to Irish twilight fans?? As a huge fan of the saga, I wouldnt even be bothered.