by / July 17th, 2015 /

New Music: Calvin Harris & Disciples – “How Deep Is Your Love”

Two quick truths about Calvin Harris:

(1) “We Found Love” is one of the best pop/dance songs of the century. Deal with it.

(2) His most recent album, Motion, was basically an attempt to knock out a dozen copies of “We Found Love”, and despite the massive sales and numerous number one hits, none of them were particularly good or memorable.

Even as he continues his record-breaking streak, Calvin was beginning to sound like a broken record. Thankfully, “How Deep Is Your Love” does get away from that Very Obvious Calvin Harris Sound. The first single from his as-yet-untitled fifth album goes hard into the 90’s house piano, as well as some Daft Punk influences when that robotic vocal comes into the mix on the final verse.