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Radiohead Finally Release Anticipated New Track (it’s an absolute cracker)

UPDATE: Radiohead have finally released their new track and it is every bit as good as many of us hoped. Their fans, the music-loving world at large and most right thinking people have been hitting their F5 buttons with frenzied frequency since yesterday when rumours abound that Oxford’s finest were about to drop a new track. Not that lamentable James Bond fiasco, a proper new track with an album to follow. Anyway, here it is, have a listen and share your thoughts – good, bad and indifferent. It feels like Jonny Greenwood has had a major hand in the orchestration of the track, if his recent soundtracking projects are anything to go by. A mellifluous turn from Radiohead, ‘Burn The Witch’ is a welcome return.


Here is a rough timeline of their cryptic teasers…

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Radiohead have broken their radio silence since they began systematically clearing their digital footprint at the weekend. Fans noticed the Radiohead website and social media channels gradually becoming more, well, less, until all that was left was absolutely nothing. Today, they’ve shared this video clip of an animated bird chirping, initially spotted by those with a keen detective’s eye on a newly set-up, official Radiohead Instagram account.

Whether or not the short clip has any significance only time will tell, as the move comes in the wake of various other guerilla marketing ploys undertaken by the band in recent days.

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