by / February 22nd, 2010 /

New video from We Have Band, album details

We Have Band (who played Belfast over the weekend) have announced details of their debut album due in April. The abbreviated self-titled album WHB was produced by Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Interpol, Depeche Mode, These New Puritans) and it features the twelve tracks below.

“The singles are poppy, danceable and catchy but there’s another side to us” says Thomas. “We like a lot of darker music. Joy Division, early OMD, and Talking Heads are some of the things that inspire us,” adds Darren. “The three of us have lots of different influences and they’ve all come out on WHB. We’re so excited that it’s now finished and will be released soon, it really is the full story of everything we’ve done from the very beginning up until now.”

Here is the new video for ‘Divisive’ which was directed by Jul&Mat, produced by SoLab and post produced by BackUp.

Album Tracklisting:
1. Piano
2. Buffet
3. Divisive
4. Love, What You Doing?
5. Oh!
6. How To Make Friends
7. Honeytrap
8. Hear It In The Cans
9. Centrefolds & Emptry Screens
10. You Came Out
11. WHB
12. Hero Knows