by / January 16th, 2011 /

Nile Rodgers and Etta James both seriously ill

Two of the legends of black American music are suffering from serious illnesses, it has been revealed. Chic founder member Nile Rodgers revealed that he has an aggressive form of cancer on his website. “On October 27, 2010, I found out I had aggressive cancer. In an instant, everything in my happy-music universe imploded,” he wrote. “After consulting with numerous doctors, I decided to have radical surgery to try and remove the cancer in its entirety. I told only a handful of people because I didn’t want to worry anyone, especially, my family around the holidays. I did everything as usual – as best I could – until one day I couldn’t. My hand had sudden muscle loss and a number of stressful events followed. I’ve just returned home from the hospital and want to explain my recent disappearance to everybody and share my appreciation of life, music and people.”

The husband of Etta James, meanwhile, has told a court in the US that the singer is ill with leukemia and dementia. Artis Mills says that James is no longer able to control her own financial matters and is looking to take over her affairs.