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No refund for Guns N’ Roses ticket holders

While the debate on last night’s events at the O2 continues to rage, Phantom are reporting that there will be no refunds for ticket holders. Promoters MCD says fans should not have been surprised by their tardiness, since there is a history, and have otherwise offered an apology.

  • Poor form from MCD. Even though GNR technically fulfilled their contract, I think there will be a lot of people who will think again before attending a gig at the O2.

  • Sarah

    I paid €150 for two tickets to see 4songs and a diva strop! I’ll never bother with Guns N’ Roses again! My sister and I are heartbroken!

  • leah

    If the people of Ireland are gonna sit back and let themselves be walked over,we arent as proud as i thought we were!!I will never attend a concert organised by MCD again,its a disgrace!!!

  • MCD once again prove they have the country by the balls and there is fuck all we can do about it. Now, lets drop the “rock and roll” approach for a wee second.

    I paid to see a concert. Doors opened at 7pm. The main event did not even start until 10.30pm. There was a 90 minute space of.. nothing. Aside from the strop and his walkoff, at about 11.10pm the venue turned on the houselights and security told people the concert was over. We asked staff – we were told to leave. Other people had to leave to get their cars out of carparks etc which would be long closed at 1am.

    So… I did NOT get what I paid for. The concert did not run anywhere near on-time. The singer was a disgrace. The house lights came on and we were advised to leave.

    And yet MCD will not refund as there was a “history” of it.

    What I find even more annoying is Phantom1052 – owned by MCD has proved how much of a little bitch it is to MCD by their version of the event.

    And I don’t get my money back.

    Would MCD refunded people the expenses of trying to get home at 1am, having to leave their cars in car parks? No.

    This concert was not a gang of 16 year olds at Slaine. These were mostly middle-aged (or older) people wanting to relive an old gig. Shame on Axl – Shame (but I don’t totally blame the people who threw a plastic cup) on the “missile throwers” but for not offering a refund, I will never go to an MCD gig again.

    As for the booing – Are we all little fucking lambs now who couldn’t boo after being left for 90 minutes? Jesus.. are we a Nanny state?

  • dillo

    small claims court is the only way to go…..

  • georgina douglas

    I too was there…… excited to see this mega band and mega man that we all loved even for his strops………………i too waited until ten thirty had paid hundred and fifty quid to go and got babysitter which cost more………………people i met from mayo and donegal had even paid for hotels……………i left at 11.25 as the car park was closing at twelve and we would have not got home……..and besides the house lights came one and a secutity guard told us to go he was trying to clear the stadium and that to hold onto our tickets for a refund……………coming home in the car we heardit on the news and at the end of the segment the news announced he had come on to finish the set………i nearly pucked…………….still would not say a bad word about him as i love axel………….but as a mother of three was my first night out in ages…………..i cant believe this and cant believe we dont get a refund!!!!MCD should be boycotted!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Utter cop out from MCD – blame fans (I know there were bottles thrown but that’s beside the point here) – “you should be prepared for this”. Yeah well I’ve often been prepared to hear a band play on when the crowd calls for it in the O2 (& other venues) and the band would be willing but there were/are strict curfews. I don’t see why special treatment should be afforded to Axl Rose. He was only put back on to save them refunding and law suits, not to please angry fans.

    The promoters should have been strict and had it in contract with the artist that if they are not on stage by a time and off by curfew then they are responsible for fans wanting their money back.

  • georgina douglas

    i agree mcd have the country by the balls

  • Aidan

    The fact that there were bottles thrown is far from beside the point. While it may be true that Axl Rose has particular dislike for the practice (youtube documents him stopping lots of shows for the same reason) it doesn’t mean he should be vilified for stopping the show because of it. Would anybody do the same thing in Whealans under the same circumstances? Why should any performer stand up there, well paid or not, and have bottles thrown at them? The show did eventually go on, and believing what any of the security guards had to say was your mistake, not MCDs. Denis Desmond on stage urging you to stay… Minimum wage security monkey telling you to go… I know whose final decision i’m going to wait for.

    As for the late finish, when I saw David Bowie play in the Point (2003?) the show ended at 12:30am. Obviously I wasn’t offered a refund or expenses to get home from the show. Can anybody confirm whether any of the carparks actually closed at their advertised times or did they remain open until the end of the show?

  • If I paid 70 Euro to go to Whealans to stay waiting for a 90-minutes late performance … I would want my money back. And I would bet someone would more then likely chuck a drink.

    Security “monkeys”, O2 staff.. they were telling people the gig was over. House lights came on. Equipment on the right side of the stage was being covered/shut down.

    People that walked out and then heard the music were not let return.

    I don’t agree with the plastic cups being thrown at him… and there were VERY few (I was there). But he brought it on himself.

    Everyone paid for a gig they didn’t get. He could of turned up on time or even apologised for being late, and it would of been ok. He didn’t. He is not a special case. He is a performer. Christ, do we have to defend this? Thousands of people booing Axl Rose and he is in the right?


    sign the petition and pass it on…we may aswell try at least!

  • Aidan

    He is in the right in so much as he should be allowed to halt a show when he is put in a position when he’s made uncomfortable performing.

    Given that the majority* of people either stayed or returned to the show, how would you propose MCD offer a refund? At your word?

    When you say people left and weren’t allowed back in, that’s in contrary to what i’ve read elsewhere, did you see that happen? Anybody in that position should have taken names to add credibility to a refund request.

    * i’m basing this on audience feedback on various forums

  • @Aidan

    Again, all he would of had to do was apologise. Even invent some bullshit story and the crowd would of backed off. He created the position where he was uncomfortable. He just had to start on fucking time, or even 30mins late. Booing only started at 10pm.

    In relation to “my word”. MCD/Point depot have refunded based on “my word” before. Notably the infamous Phantom of the Opera gig many years ago, even though it finally went to the end.

    As for people leaving and not getting back it. I did not see it. But, people I left with (colleagues) left and tried to get back in and were refused. They were quite vocal about it today.

    And as for majority staying – At 11.15pm there were a hell of a lot of people leaving. Houselights on is the usual sign of “gig over”.

  • Aidan

    I can buy that an apology may have eased the in general crowd off, but whether that would have prevented the bottles is another thing. I’d be surprised if the bottles were a direct response to the lateness of the show, they’re an unfortunate reality at big rock shows in this country (and others). Axl Rose clearly doesn’t like them and gave, I thought, a pretty reasonable request to the crowd before continuing.

    I didn’t mean to question your word, i’m willing to accept it, but it’s a lot to ask MCD to accept the word of 14,000 people. If they offered blanket refunds to anybody who wasn’t allowed back in to the venue, many who stayed and enjoyed the entire show would look for them. People who left and weren’t allowed back in certainly deserve a refund, but it’s going to be hard for those people to prove their situation. I hope they do, as I said if they took names of security it goes a long way towards that. I don’t remember the Phantom of the Opera incident, was that the run in the early 90’s? I was at a matinee but too young to be aware of any controversy.

    Houselights are also a safety requirement for any prolonged period without entertainment on stage.

  • An apology would of done wonders. he is too much of an arrogant prick to offer one.

    I take it you weren’t there. His “offer” was more of an insult considering his manner after being 90 minutes late. In fact, it was just annoying people even more.

    He is infamous for not liking abuse or recordings.. I take it you know of the St. Louis story during the Illusion tour? The fact is the prick picked the wrong career. But all of this is beside the point of the show running woefully late and then stalling for an unacceptable time.

    The Phantom story involved an evening show I was at. The leading lady was ill (on stage) and the show was delayed for 40 minutes while the understudy was rushed to take over.
    Refunds/replacement tickets were offered to everyone. This was about 99ish.

    “Houselights are also a safety requirement for any prolonged period without entertainment on stage”
    If you were there you would of heard the reaction of the people at that point. Lights came on… everyone started to leave. That was NOT their fault. Anyone that asked the employees of the venue what to do were told to go home. Again, NOT their fault.


    what a load for aresholes!!!!! better off staying at home!! they are in it for the money and dont care a jot about the fans!!!!

  • Hil

    Jesus, this is already tiring.

    You went to see rock music’s biggest bollox play a show staged by the Irish promoter behind ‘Streisand-gate’ and are surprised it all didn’t go to plan? What were you all expecting? ‘It’s great to be back in Dublin!’ or ‘you guys are fucking awesome!’? In bed by 11.30 having rocked out mightily to your favourite GNR tunes? It was always going to go wrong! I don’t believe that the bottles were thrown just because they were late – I think a few people had the very Irish idea that the guy is a cock and needs to be taken down a notch if the slightest opportunity arises. Hey presto. Maybe GNR concerts are now the last refuge of the scoundrel.

  • What was I expecting? I was expecting to see a fucking concert I paid 150Euro to attend. I was expecting the performer to do his fucking job. Considering he is a prick I am expecting (in vain) to get a refund.

    “It was always going to go wrong”. It didn’t in 2006. It doesnt in other, more “rock and roll” concerts. Why should it here? And why the hell shouldn’t we get a refund?

    Between the comments like “what were you expecting” and “It wasn’t Axl’s fault” it makes me feel more and more like Irish and British are like sheep when demanding money back for poor service.

  • The reason yer not getting a refund is because the band got paid and MCD can’t afford to pay back that kind of cash, no-one can. What ever deal was made with the band to return to the stage will stop any hope of a refund.

    People are angry so take the hit (it’s not millions and we can all move on – I’m sure most of the people there that night spend just as much on booze and smokes every weekend….sorry sure, I’m damn right positive because I was there and I saw the crowd.

    Learn from this, don’t go suing anyone. If you didn’t like the conditions then don’t go see Guns again. I for one thoroughly enjoyed my 7 hours in the O2, very exciting, worrying, entertaining, thrilling, disappointing and tense. Alot more involvement and memories than most gigs.

  • Anita

    I agree with Tickets There- They played in the end, if you left its your loss. The crowd was an absolute disgrace and we were lucky they came back. I enjoyed the whole night- would do it again. People need to stop listening to the Music Press and Media who have been bashing Axl for years. If you suck up that shit, just dont bother going to see them.

  • Martina

    I’m so frustrated reading some articles here. Are people actually excusing Axl Rose for his behavior? Or MCD for their REFUSAL TO REFUND PEOPLE???? We should have waited? How much longer? The point/02 has a history of finishing gigs at 11.00pm even if the show goes on late, so us as an audience should have relaxed even though it was well passed that time.Or fully accepted this due to his “history” of coming on stage late That is a disgrace for both band and venue. Thank you for your article from Phantom a station I will never be listening to again or going to any of their gigs. That was a terrible article, that makes my blood boil.

    No I wasn’t a person who threw any bottles, but lets get rid of the riot imagery for a moment. No glass is sold in venues all bottles are plastic and no bottle tops are on them. The stage is rather deep and there are barriers, so lets not exaggerate the limp force of one of these missiles. It was the booing that got to him, and why wouldn’t we boo? The sad fact is he had just won the crowd over a little by the fourth song and he still left. MCD SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND REFUND ALL TICKETS REGARDLESS IF PEOPLE STAYED…..I unfortunately did not stay, there was five of us one of which was my sister who was tearfully upset…I see phantom didn’t have the balls to find a fan like that to talk too

  • Martina

    Tickets there is clearly judgemental of the crowd itself who cares if people smoke or drink? We’re not giving out about those companies, its MCD I’m angry with, you actually sound like you work for them

  • Does it breach a contract?

    I’d love to see the back of the tickets and terms and conditions. Doubt many people will go to court over it – if anyone at all, but it’d be interesting to know the technicalities of it all!

  • Piero

    @Tickets There

    80 euros is a lot of money, plus 1 day off, plus travel there plus it’s not our fault.

    For all the other that say that is not fair ask back the money, I was there, when they switch on the light, and person from the O2 staff told us that the concert was finish, I personal wait other 10 minutes and went at home.
    I was with the bike and at 11.35 I was at home. Nobody CALL ME to ask me to come back. so, for what I know the concert was finish after 25 minutes. I pretend my money back, I don’t care from who…

    I honestly think I’ll go in court, because they have to pay to trick us like animal…