by / July 7th, 2009 /

Best Of IMRO Stage

Yesterday we took a look at the familiar names making a comeback at Oxegen, so now it’s all about the future. As sponsors of the annual Irish showcase tour, IMRO are at the cutting edge of new musical talent in this country. And so it is that their stage at Oxegen is set to feature some of our finest bands and artists. Here’s our pick of the three days’ action…

1. VILLAGERS – Sunday

In the space of six months, VILLAGERS have gone from one of the country’s most tipped new names to one of its best bands period. Operating as a group and as a solo venture for Conor O’Brien has given them / him great versatility and recent supports have included Tracy Chapman, Bon Iver and – oh yes – Neil Young. Expect this to be one of those defining moments in a career.

2. DAVID KITT – Friday

DAVID KITT’s return to the Oxegen stage also coincides with his most festival friendly record in a while, with a set of dance tinged tunes seemingly built to send a large audience over the edge. Those months spent locked away in his attic were worth it.

3. HEATHERS – Friday

To date, HEATHERS’ Irish gigging experience has been very much at the low key end of things, coupled with some serious work in the US. Now’s the moment for them to step up to the larger stage. They have the songs, they have the voices – should be a piece of cake.

4. GENERAL FIASCO – Saturday

The sight of Northern bands playing down South is thankfully getting more and more common, with GENERAL FIASCO one of those to benefit. Three young men playing loud, tight pop music they have just announced a headliner for the Ulster Hall in September so this should set them up nicely.


Although heavily weighted towards Irish bands, the IMRO stage does cast its net a little further – in this case Edinburgh. BROKEN RECORDS are a seven piece who believe that rock ‘n roll can be just as loud and exciting with glockenspiel and trumpet as it can with bass, guitar and drums. How Nirvana might sound had they formed in Belarus instead of Seattle apparently.