by / July 6th, 2009 /

Oxegen 09 – Top 5 Comebacks

Oxegen week is finally upon us and to celebrate, State will be previewing the festival over the next five days. We’ll be bringing your our pick of the bands on offer, interviews and a look back at the glory days of Oxegen’s forerunner, Feile. To start off with here’s our guide to those familiar names who are coming back to what they know this weekend….

1. BLUR – Main Stage, Friday
Until last Sunday, the idea of BLUR as one of Oxegen’s headliners seemed quaint at best. However, such was the response to their Glastonbury headliner and this week’s Hyde Park shows that their Friday night slot looks set to be one of the highlights. Expect hit after hit after hit and one still cool bass player, sheepishly happy guitarist, an exuberant front man and a Labour councillor on drums.

2. JANE’S ADDICTION – O2 Stage, Sunday
Such is the haphazard nature of JANE’S ADDICTION’s career that they’re currently on their second reunion, the first one having lasted three years and this one seeing the original line-up performing their first full set for 17 years. Under the wing of Trent Reznor, they’ve even been in the studio. As ever, though, don’t expect anything long term and you won’t be dissapointed.

3. THE SPECIALS – Sunday, Main Stage
Playing their own shows to a bunch of out breath middle aged men is one thing, but how will THE SPECIALS fare with a slightly younger audience. The results so far seem to suggest just fine, as songs like ‘Too Much Too Young’, ‘Gangsters’ and ‘A Message To You Rudy’ are part of music’s DNA.

4.THAT PETROL EMOTION – Sunday, Heineken Green Spheres
They did it once last year at the Electric Picnic and obviously had such a good time that THAT PETROL EMOTION are back again. Their timing is spot on as another generation of bands explore just who danceable indie guitar music can get. Hope that Friendly Fires pay some sort of homage.

5. SQUEEZE – Main State, Saturday
Come Saturday afternoon, if you’re looking for a mellow run through of one of the greatest song collections of the last thirty years, the main stage is where you should be heading. With their long running differences behind them (for how long though?) Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook are able to finally reap some just rewards. They are, after all these years, still cool for cats.