by / July 8th, 2010 /

Oxegen ’10 – Top 5 State Picks

  1. Vampire Weekend (Main Stage, Friday)
    The highlight of Oxegen 2008, these New Yorkers are the ultimate festival band. As tight as a fish’s bottom and as much fun as you can have in public with your clothes on, Vampire Weekend cordially invite you to jump up and
    down like you haven’t done since you used to queue to get into the pit in the SFX (or maybe that’s just us).
  2. Frightened Rabbit (2FM / Hot Press Academy Stage, Friday)
    The most loveable Scottish band in the world right now, Frightened Rabbit write the kind of songs that make you smile, cry and tap your foot (often in the course of just three minutes). The self-deprecating Scots are also a cracking live act and a welcome respite from some of the big names and bigger egos to be found elsewhere.
  3. Kele (2FM / Hot Press Academy Stage, Saturday)
    Away from the stage the Bloc Party frontman is as shy and retiring as they come, but once he has a microphone in his hands, a metamorphosis occurs, as anyone who witnessed his stellar performance at Glastonbury will testify.
    Could be the one to blow the main stage headliners away.
  4. Broken Social Scene (Red Bull Academy Stage, Sunday)
    While this Canadian collective can sometimes resemble a Live Aid gathering on-stage, there’s no denying the quality of the songs, and their most recent offering, Forgiveness Rock Record is arguably their finest and most focused to date.
  5. Wild Beasts
    Soaring falsettos, baroque arrangements and weird time-changes aren’t usually the stuff of festival highlights, but if Wild Beasts’ recent Primavera appearance is anything to go by, the folk at Oxegen are in for a real treat. Truly one of the most unique acts of the entire weekend.