by / April 14th, 2009 /

Phil Spector found guilty of murder

After one of the most talked about cases in recent American history, music producer Phil Spector has been found guilty of the second degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson in a drunken and “sadistic” bout of Russian roulette at his manison six years ago. The Los Angeles jury spent nearly nine days deliberating over the case in which the prosecution portrayed Spector, 68, as a misogynist with a history of pulling guns and “playing Russian roulette with the lives of women” while drunk. Prosecutors said it was only by a miracle that Clarkson, star of the cult film Barbarian Queen, was the first to die after five other women had survived by chosing an empty chamber.

Prosecutor Truc Do told the court that Spector was used to tormenting women without suffering any consequences because he existed “in a world where money and fame buys you the VIP treatment.”

“Behind the VIP was a very dangerous man, a man who believed that all women … deserve a bullet in their head. In every single one of these incidents, Mr Spector demonstrates conscious disregard for human life. Her death was a death waiting to happen in his world.”

Spector will be sentenced next month, with a minimum period of 18 years for the crime. Clarkson’s mother Donna is expected to press ahead with a wrongful death suit against him.