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Cork’s Plug’d Records to close

Plug’d Records in Cork has announced its plans to shut up shop before the new year with no definite plans to reopen as of right now.

According to the post on Peoples Republic of Cork:

The reasons are straight forward enough – business is down, like most others at the moment – and overheads are staying up. Simple as that. Besides the current economic climate the plight of record shops has been well documented. Sadly, there have been a few in Cork that have closed before us, and there are examples in any city you could mention.

Myself and Albert have been throwing ideas around over the last while, thinking about ways to improve matters. A couple of simple things became apparent – selling music is not enough to get by anymore. And we can’t develop further in the premises plugd occupies. Hopefully after we close, we will have a bit of time to come up with a plan b.
Apologies about the inconvenience this might cause people. I will get back to ye over the week with details of our exact closing date and our pre-closing sale. Theres a couple of things going on in plugd before Christmas I will let ye know about too.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone, from the rockers to the ravers, who have been through the door since we opened – especially our regulars, who kept us going for so long. Its been a real good time
Jim / Albert

The Ears of the Town: Plugd records from John Callaghan on Vimeo.

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