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Point Theatre to re-open as The O2

O2 have announced that the company will be the first brand to lend their name to a venue when The Point Theatre re-opens as The O2 in December. The multi-year deal has been struck in partnership with Live Nation, one of the biggest live entertainment promoters in the world

The O2 is Europe’s first venue of its size which is custom designed for live music. The press release says:

It has an amphitheatre design and therefore boasts unrivalled acoustics. The layout also ensures clear sightlines and proximity to the stage for everyone in the audience, due to its unique tiered seating design. No matter where you are in The O2 you will be close to the stage which will give the venue, despite its size, an intimate feel for both the artists and the audience. The O2 has a capacity to hold up to 13,000 people who will enjoy some 150 entertainment and live music events in any given year. It also means that O2’s 1.6 million customers will enjoy additional benefits including the ability to purchase tickets up to 48 hours before they go on general release; fast track access to enter the venue; entry to the -O2 Bars’ for themselves and their friends and access on their mobiles to unique content from Live Nation events throughout the world.

  • I wish I could empty out all the offices of all O2 buildings of humans that could be more useful elsewhere and blow those buildings to kingdom come for holding music fans to ransom in the way that they are threatening to do.
    O2 customers can buy tickets 48 hours before they go on release?
    Join our greedy fucking corporate satan-sucking network they mean.
    I’m switching to vodafone/meteor/three in protest. For all the good it will do.

  • Sean Donegan

    o2 aren’t that bad, they rang me up their recently when my contract was about to end, and put me on a new tariff which as halfed my monthly bills. Admittedly it was to keep me on the service for another 18 months but I now pay €35 a month instead of €70 odd with the same amount of free minutes. Pretty sweet.

  • So basically The Point has increased its capacity from 7,000 to 13,000? I though it was hilarious that Harry Crosbie spoke about the new venue’s ‘massive intimacy’ – an oxymoron if I ever heard one.