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Rage Against The Machine for The O2 Dublin date

Update: Photos from the gig here.

While Rage fulfill their promise to UK fans to put on a big show on June 6th in Finsbury Park, London, Irish fans will be just as lucky when the band touch down in The O2, Dublin on June 8th.

Support is from Gallows and Gogol Bordello. Doors at 6pm with first band at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale this Friday 19th February at 9am. Tickets limited to 8 per person priced from from €65.70 including booking fee From Ticketmaster In person from 100 Ticketmaster outlets nationwide. Tel: (24 Hour): RoI – 0818 719 300, (NI) 0844 847 2455 Book online:

Here’s the Christmas chart-topper that started it all:

Photo by James Goulden for State @ Oxegen

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  • MCD is the source

    News is now everywhere and 100% correct

  • 66 quid?? For a band that are more than a decade past their best? Ticket prices in Ireland continue to royally take the Michael, then…

  • June 7th, KISS play the O2 for €40.00. June 8th, Rage Against the Machine play the O2 for €67.50. How and why are the anti-capitalist, leaders of the revolution machine charging €30 more for their show that than supposed American Sell Out Machine, KISS?

  • Why does Elton John, The Boss, Barbara Streisand, **insert long term legendary music icon here** command 70, 80, 100, 120 euro price tags

    Fleetwood mac tickets were 80 – 130 euro and im not even sure the 80 euro tickets were real because i bought on presale at 9am and there was no option for 80 euro tickets then or when full sale happened.

    They are priced this way because certain bands can command such a price, plus they are probably costing more than KISS to have over. Maybe KISS are just more realistic with their pricing, Maybe its just that MCD know Rage were a big reason 80,000 people snapped up Oxegen tickets in a recession. I would say these tickets will fly out the door despite the massive price tag.

    Also Kiss tickets are €49.50 not €40, 10 bob in the difference

  • Aidan while that might be true, translate the prices to £ and compare to the UK. It’s a laughable (of course, that doesnt apply to RATM as their UK gig is free, but generally speaking…). Equally, being able to charge a price doesnt make it acceptable. I understand the economics, but what, exactly, does charging nearly seventy Euro for a Rage Against the machine concert say about their ‘anti-power’ stance? That it’s absolute rubbish, that’s what. I actually think they’re using this gig to offset the costs of London’s free one. I’d rather fly, personally, and have a weekend away instead.

    I’m sure they’ll sell fast, too, but it’s a joke, especially given the bands political stance.

  • Aidan’s right, balls! Was thinking of the Megadeth tickets.

    Agree with James about the bands political stance. Maybe there’s a reason like, they’re not actually touring, it’s just an Irish and UK gig and it costs a fortune to bring everything over but surely they could find away to play for a cheaper price. A real band only needs their instruments and everything else can be rented locally.

    If they announce any more shows though, it blows that half-saving theory out the window and they’ll look like bigger money grabbing sell outs.

  • Well im not advocating the increases in pricing for Irish gigs but about 3 months ago i was listening to a radio interview with someone from aiken or mcd, cant remember who,

    General point he was making was that the cost of Insurance from Ireland to Uk / Northern Ireland is Exorbitant. He was quoting figures and genuinely was shocking hearing the difference in insurance prices to host gigs from Belfast to Dublin

    if there’s 20 lids in the difference of Kiss to Rage, and about 9k fit into the O2, assuming standing tickets with rage, its 14k capacity, x 20 euro = 280k more earning from Rage tickets to Kiss tickets

    Where that money is going? i dunno, but insurance could be a factor

  • Of course there are differences depending on the country, yeah. Im sure insurance is something to do with it, that makes sense. I just dont understand how anyone can justify that kind of price, taking things purely at face value. I mean 120 Euro for Fleetwood… dont get me wrong, Id love to see them, but at the price of 8-10 decent smaller gigs for two hours of their music? And at a venue that already has colossal corporate sponsorship and isnt exactly known for its atmosphere?

    Internationally known bands seem to manage to play Whelans for relatively little (Glen Hansard did it for 15 Euro the other day, when it was charity rather than pocket lining. In that case I actually think he could have charged a lot more and still sold out, given the demand outside, and for a good cause, but hey…). The O2 should – at least in theory – be able to knock prices much lower than venues like Whelans simply because of the number of people – at least ten times as many id guess.

    Yeah, I get it, it doesnt really work like that for bigger names, but there’s one major reason, insurance, freight etc aside: profit. If KISS can do it for under 50, they have no less kit than RATM I’m sure. For me once it passes about 50 Euro it stops being worth considering, especially for a relatively atmosphere-less arena tour.

  • Well i think at least with Fleetwood Mac, Costs were relatively consistant throughout the tour, they were charging a lot because a tour from them is a rarity. AC/DC Charged around 80 to see them in the O2. Nobody batted an eyelid.

    Your comparison of Glen isnt fair really, he lives in ireland, can play locally and would have had the backing of the venue for a free gig where the bar would pay for the event itself.

    also atmosphereless, i would imagine a gig in The O2 would have a bit more atmopshere to it than in a field with a giant stage. Someone like Rage would normally be a festival merchant playing to the masses which masks their big fee. I could see them as easily announced Marlay Park, Punchestown, Croker and charged 65 – 75 and gotten even more money.

    i’d love a gig listing that i could sort by price just to see how outlandish their ticket prices are compared to other gigs going on.

    i found the information i previous was mentioning, insurance in Belfast is something like £250 and the same gig coming to Dublin would be €16,000 which is mad

    now i imagine that management companies involved are offsetting the cost of the free London gig on its Dublin counterparts.

  • “AC/DC Charged around 80 to see them in the O2. Nobody batted an eyelid.”

    But AC/DC haven’t built a career on being ant-capitalist, pro-revolutionary voices of a generation. Their fans haven’t bought album after album about a band singing about the plight of other nations poverty, political strife’s and injustice caused by corporate greed. Rage fans have and asking them to pay E20 more than a band playing the same venue the night before is abit of a slap in the face, especially considering the other band in question are KISS.

    KISS have been lampooned, attacked and mocked for decades about their selling out, their merchandising and the dollar signs that appear in their eyes at every given opportunity. Yet when they play a show, they bring more theatrics, custom built stage pieces and pyrotechnics than almost any other arena band on the planet and still manage to undercut the so called anti-capitalist heroes.

    Considering all their fireworks, fire breathing, stage flying and the fact that they’re a hard rock act, surely the insurance would be higher for KISS than Rage no?

  • Well i dont know how insurance works for gigs, im pretty sure that KISS and RAGE will pay similar insurance regardless of Pyro etc.

    As i said end of last comment, i imagine this is a cost offsetting excercise as they cant really do another gig in London. Most will travel to london for a free gig, so this is the closest place they can have a gig, sell out and offset costs of playing the free gig.

    pocketing an extra 280k more than Kiss, i can imagine this kind of money is exactly what they need to run a free gig in a park, it probably costs more but i imagine sponsors will offset some of the cost. Brands never miss an advertising chance

  • Perhaps the comparison to Glen Hansard is unfair, but if insurance prices are the major issue it still stands, especially given the prices smaller acts charge (many pay for ten euro) – I see no reason, aside from venue size, which we can reasonably assume is offset by number of punters – why it has to be so much. It’s RATM’s ethos combined with the ticket prices that grates most, though (I still take issue with ticket prices in Ireland generally, but perhaps that’s a debate for another day). I dont think I can put it more succinctly than the last poster, so ‘what he said’ 😛

  • But that’s not right, charging Irish fans to pay for the English fans gig? What other band on the planet would ever do that? KISS managed to play a massive free show in Canada last year but they didn’t overcharge the next city they visited to make up for it.

    If they’re playing a free show, they should find another source of funding and ripping of their fans isn’t the way to go about it. Maybe if they released a follow up to their last album (1999’2 Battle of LA) then they could actually afford to arrange this show properly without simply getting fans, who won’t reap the benefits, to foot the bill.

  • I would have thought the money they made out of the single getting to number one – the reason for the free gig in the first place – would be more than enough to offset the 280k, even given the cheap prices online… it sold incredible numbers of copies, the UK gig is supposed to be payback for that.

  • Didn’t they donate that money to charity or something? Thought they would hold enough back to cover the gig though.

  • The only reason I could guess at for Rage Against The Machine’s insurance price being higher than KISS’ would be the level of trouble expected. Historically, Rage have had a plethora of ‘knuckleheads’ at their gigs – miscreants all too happy to go to a big event, get pissed and start punching punters in the side of the head to loud, angry music, regardless of its message. This sort of trouble was the reason At The Drive-In took such an anti-moshing stance.

    RE: AC/DC’s price – it’d be fair to say there’d be more moshing at their gig than KISS’ too. All it take is some accident/bone broken/traumatic experience/thing worse that I’d rather not mention to befall one person among thousands and the promoter will get screwed over.

  • If they did donate the money to charity than fair play, I take that last bit back, though it doesnt make up for the high price in my opinion. I dont doubt plenty disagree, and yeah I would pay that to see my favorite band, I just think it’s silly. These things have got far too expensive, and a true ‘people’s band’ would reduce the price and play two or three nights if the demand was there. Someone said the O2’s capacity is 9k, so even assuming the insurance is a (colossal) 25grand, that still only accounts for less than three euro of each attendee’s ticket price. Where does the rest come from?

  • Prodigy would attract the same kind of mindless trouble makers (possibly a much greater number) but their O2 prices were only €49.20 – €54.80 in December last year.

    I remember seeing them in 2005 and the Point was like a war zone so I’d imagine their insurance costs would be pretty colossal aswell.

  • Totally agree James. For everything that Rage stands for, this is an unfair price and there doesn’t seem to be any justification (so far). Other bands do it, but as I said above, they didn’t build careers out of fighting for the underdog against western capitalism.

  • I was in the Pit, at Oxegen, for Rage

    I got punched numerous times, didnt move forward or backward but in the motion of the pit ended up at the front barrier, had to crowdsurf towards the back of the pit just to not suffer any more damage than already taken onboard.

    I cant imagine those same problems at a Kiss, or Fleetwood Mac gig, maybe an AC/DC gig to a degree but even then ive never been in a pit like it.

    also i’d like to add im not saying they definitely are using dublin for a cost offsetting excercise nor have any proof, it just feel like that from this perspective

  • I dont doubt the insurance would be expensive, but unless anyone is suggesting its edging into the hundreds of thousands it’s not the reason for the price guys. Do the maths, unless we’re seriously underestimating the figure, it’s just not a major factor.

  • Yes which leaves The Band charging way more than Kiss

    or its an offsetting costs exercise

    or MCD are cashing in on a guarunteed sellout to balance out half sold shows

  • Denomac

    Rage’s production crew is massive, they must have 30/40 crew, if not more. That would add to the price, also its a one off, its not like a tour so the fee would be bigger to accommodate that. Its a costly set up.

    It will sell out and i think the price is ok, im happy to pay that to see them in a venue. My parents wouldn’t let me go when they played years ago and the oxegen gig was a bit washy. Sound was bollox and id just love to see them in a venue like The 02. Its going to be rammed.

    Kiss? Who gives a shit. Thats why that’s 49 and STILL on sale.

  • Kiss are an occupational comparison because they are on the night before

  • As road crews go, here’s a link to a picture of Rages Reunion tour stage set up

    Likewise, here’s one to the stage of KISS’s last tour

    Which one do you think requires the bigger road crew?

    Size of crew isn’t the issue here me thinks.

  • Whether you’re prepared to pay it or not as a fan is irrelevant. No one’s doubting it will sell out, that’s not the point.

    The issue is about how acceptable the price is given the political ethos of the band. I’d say either their ethos is null and void or this is a serious mistake (or possibly a high price pushed through by a promoter). Whichever one of the above, it’s not in the spirit of the band.

  • I’ve emailed RATM’s management to ask for an explanation of the costs, just for the purposes of this debate.

    It’s not that I’m not expecting a response. I’m just not expecting a response.

  • Denomac

    Tickets There, production does not just consist of stupid stage set up.

    But hey, you probably know shit, you seem to know how to use the internet, which is awesome!

    MCD would have offered, RATM management would have a set figure in mind, the price represents what the management accept.

    ‘political ethos of the band’. People need get paid, its a business.

  • Ah god, give your cheek a rest Denomac and calm down.

    Rage are not doing this one off show for their beloved Irish fans, they’re in the middle of planning a tour. if there’s a tour then their excuses are gone. They’ll get paid, but alot more than other bands seem to be looking for. Considering there is a worldwide recession, you’d think Rage may take notice of this considering all the BS they’ve recorded over the years.

    Dates announced on the bands official website.

    June 8 – IRELAND – O2 ARENA
    June 11 – SPAIN – ROCK IN RIO

    Also, it’s been announced on NME the band will play Download in the UK with Aerosmith (11 – 13)

  • Oh Denomac, give it up. Yes people need to get paid, but any particular reason why an anti-corporate, anti-authority band that’s ten years past its sale by date needs to get paid more than a bunch of ‘sell outs’ with a big stage show playing the same venue in the middle of an equally hefty tour? No good one yet, apart from they want to make a lot of money. Which means their entire career is built on rubbish. If you accept that, fine, but don’t expect everyone else to follow suit, they’ve brought criticism on their own hypocritical, money-grabbing asses.

  • Brian D

    The simple answer for the price difference is that the cost of bringing a band to Ireland is higher and the cost of production people and facilities is higher here
    The big cost is crossing the Irish sea. Typical cost of a 40ft truck on the ferry to Ireland is over 2K. And that’s just to do one gig for a country with the population of 4m. In the UK you could zip around 4 major cities with the population of reland each without incurring that kind of costs. Look at the price of hotels here, the hourly rate that most of us look for … I’m sure that insurance is higher here but probably not the biggest factor.

    The band will always know how much the ticket price is as well.

  • Sorry Brian but you’ve not read the conversation at all

    What is being said is, if Kiss can play ireland for for €49.50, how come Rage can only play for €67.50

    They will have similar to exactly the same shipping costs, and most likely the same insurance wise.

    So effectively, Rage is swallowing up a large amount of money somewhere and the other lads are saying that for a band who has built a career on anti-corporate stances would charge their fans SEVENTY euro to see them.

    As previously pointed out, Kiss would have the much more extravagent stage show, so i imagine they have more to ship here, They only have the one Irish date, so its a once off cost just like Rage. But yet their is 17 euro in the difference of cost of tickets

  • But that still doesn’t explain why so many other bands can play the same venue for €20/30 cheaper?

    The costs for Ireland are notoriously high but Lady Gaga, The Prodigy, Bob Dylan, Judas Priest/Megadeth, KISS and many, many others have all played the same venue for a much cheaper price.

    Rage sell themselves as the kind of band that are completely against exploiting massive profits from their fans but there doesn’t seem to be any justification for them charging €20/30 more than those other acts. Keepin mind, alot of those other band have a much bigger production set up than Rage historically use.

  • “F*ck you, I wont do what you tell me”, but there are t-shirts on the merchandising stand alongside the special edition, tour-only CDs, and you can download a copy of the live show for the price of an album online. Oh, and thanks for the extra 20 Euro, we really needed that 180 grand more for one night’s work… (okay, I’m being silly, but you get the point…)

  • Well James we cant really moan about them having merch because at the end of the day, Merch is optional, and they are a business in effect and have to make money, it is their livelihood, so we cant begrudge them making a living

    it has to just be about the extra ticket costs, but its the same question every year, why were Fleetwood Mac tickets 100 euro and up, why are Rage 70 Euro. Rage arnt alone in their high ticket pricing, but its the bands general mantra that has caused a bit of a backlash

  • Fair enough, if the merch is reasonably priced and fits in with the ethos (which I doubt very much it will, but hey, shouldnt make assumptions based on the ticket price), I dont begrudge them that, despite it being just another way of buying into what they claim to be fundamentally against. Of course, the ticket price is by far the major issue, and absolutely, they’re not the only ones, but they are a far more worthy target than most given their hypocrisy compared to the other guilty parties.

  • Brian D

    Aidan C -> Kiss seem to have 30+ dates, established merchandising a big catalogue that they can sell on the back of the tour. RATM have 5 european dates so far and a big gap in their career.

    To me it seems to me that KISS are a well honed touring machine and the lower price may well be down to economies of scale.

    Having said that RATM were never famous for their stage shows. They seem to have had that red star drape since the ’90’s.

    I’m not sure what all this anti capitalist stuff is about. They were/are signed to a major label and make their money from show business.

  • @Brian D
    Well i dont know how economies of scale would work but being honest, apart from their musical equipment i dunno if Rage really bring anything other than that banner, The O2 is the only real venue they have announced, meaning they must be planning to travel light and let the festivals sort out what they need. I cant imagine Economies of scale come into it but i do concede it could be a factor

    The Anti Capitalist stuff people are talking about is what they have spent their career writing songs about not conforming or accepting corporate stuff. Yes the corporate sellouts KISS who have long been slagged for selling out for the $$$$ are doing a gig in the same venue, same time of year, for almost 20 euro less.

    i would love to see a breakdown of

    Band Fee
    Shipping Costs
    Venue Costs
    Promoter Fee
    Booking Fee

    and see where the money has gone to cost the extra money to see them. Similarly i would love to know if for the 100 – 130 euro people were paying to see Fleetwood Mac, how much of that was band fee as opposed Promoter Fee and costs of playing the location

  • Hey Brian,

    Remember that Rage are only announcing tour dates since yesterday so you can probably expect a good few more to get added before they’re through.

    As you said, the stage show is pretty Spartan so shouldn’t require the kind of crew that a huge lightening, visual and stage setup like KISS’s would need.

    As for KISS’s touring, 2008 was their first European tour since the Nineties and they still had low low prices for that one aswell. Their Irish show is (to the best of my knowledge) their very first Irish show ever so in comparison to Rage, they’re the ones with the huge career gap. Rage headlined Oxegen just a few years ago so their fans have been well reminded that they’re back. Also, they got massive promotion from the Christmas Number 1 race that’ll help sell this gig out at a rapid pace.

    Point is simple, Rage have completely sold out which goes against everything they ever sang about (unless there is some unknown explanation) and to make things worse, it’s their own fans they’re exploiting, not some massive corporate machine. KISS are infamous for their selling out but when it comes to selling records and touring, they make sure their fans pay the lowest price possible and get maximum value in return.

  • Denomac

    Oh hey. Ive got it. I bet were getting charged extra to pay for the free London gig! Boom!

    I accept it James, and im pretty sure many more will also. For me its always been about the power of the songs they have, i care less about their ethos. Fair enough …if they release a string of European dates it will all smack of rip off. But im not all that bothered.

    Comparing them to Kiss is rubbish, the fee that KISS’s management would charge would be considerably less than RATM. KISS would also use a lot of local crew and locally sourced production, which RATM will not.

  • We’ve tweeted Tom Morello for a response. Fingers crossed….

  • He’s probably gonna have some deadly answer that makes us all look like clueless pessimists 🙁

    Where’s these facts come from?

    Denomac – “Comparing them to Kiss is rubbish, the fee that KISS’s management would charge would be considerably less than RATM (TT – Why?). KISS would also use a lot of local crew and locally sourced production, which RATM will not.(TT – Again, what’s that based on? Surely they’ll at least the same number of regulars for the basic band setup’s, sound, lightening, security..etc?)”

    Maybe Rage travel with a massive crew I don’t know, is it based on something?

  • Oh and one more correction, KISS are playing May 7th, not June so there’s a month in the difference. Tickets There is all confluffeled this week.

  • Would be very happy to see any response from RATM or MCD. Promoters need to realise its the heart of a recession (for most of us anyway, no one’s rehiring even if the economy is technically on the up) and punters are noticing the price rises. MCD in particular are responsible for a few more obviously overpriced gigs recently, too (I’ll put together a bit of a list when I have the time, with prices, but those at the O2 are the most obvious examples).

  • Patrick Conboy

    Thing is, James, ticket prices aren’t going to fall as long as those concerts sell out. And there’s no sign of attendances dropping yet.

  • I know mate, but it’s a thoroughly depressing way of doing things. What happened to more than one date to fulfill demand at sensible prices? Maybe I’m being overly romantic in wanting the music business to go back to being about more than just money (hence RATM seeming such a worthwhile target, given their lyrical content). I think ‘charge what you can get away with and still sell out’ is a totally unacceptable way of running a gig. Not that I can’t see why they do it.

  • Brian D

    “MCD in particular are responsible for a few more obviously overpriced gigs recently, too (I’ll put together a bit of a list when I have the time, with prices, but those at the O2 are the most obvious examples)”.

    i’ll think you’ll find that there’s a certain equilibrium between the prices between all promoters. Aikens and POD have had some of the priciest shows in recent times – Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen for example. In fact, Aikens have appeared in Billboard touring charts in teh past with the highest grossing gigs anywhere.

    The reality is that there is a demand for shows in Dublin and we are lucky that we have 3 promoters bringing the amount of shows that we have here. The problem is that it is expensive to tour here. remember there is nothing in the O2 apart from seats and a stage… lights, PA, everything has to be transported in by the artist or hired locally.

  • Ok, I should probably give a bit of background to explain why the ticket prices seem such a rip off to me (though I’m evidently not the only one). I grew up near London, going to see all the major bands I was into there. Getting tickets wasnt always easy, but I cant remember ever paying more than £30 for anything, no matter how big. If bands sold out a venue fast, they invariably booked another night quickly afterwards – this was seen as the fair way to do things, not raising ticket prices and pricing fans out of the market. It worked well, and I saw all my favorite bands despite being a teenager making my only money from working weekends in a supermarket. Just to be clear, this isnt eons ago, I moved away in 2002 (so yeah, maybe now, (with inflation) the most expensive would be around £40-45). I then moved to Birmingham, which is a similar size to Dublin and was cheaper than London to go gigging in. I left in 2006, and spent two years in Korea (where I saw Muse and Chemical Brothers play a whole weekend festival for less than the price of a RATM ticket – so let’s not talk rubbish about freight!) I accept that there are differences in the cost of things like insurance, venue hire and freight, but the largest figure anyone’s been able to come up with for insurance would add less than 3 Euro per ticket in the O2, and gig tickets in Belfast (I think we can all accept that would require freight, too?) are comparable to London and Birmingham. In other words, Irish fans are getting ripped off somewhere along the line, and insurance isnt too blame, and neither is freight. It’s not a huge issue to me to be honest – personally I don’t pay for about 80% of the gigs I go to, through working for State and a couple of other music magazines – but I still dont understand how anyone can find this acceptable, least of all coming from the likes of RATM.

    In answer to your points Brian –

    MCD have been the culprit for me more often that others. I was going purely on personal experience (and I realise this is entirely subjective), and it could be just because I like more of the stuff they put on, but more often than not, when I find a gig too expensive it tends to be one where I have an MCD wristband on my arm.

    On the O2 set up and lighting – if that’s true, it’s genuinely pathetic. The O2 hosts major name acts or shows at least 100 nights a year, and as almost every other major venue in the world manages to show, having your own lighting doesnt stop bands bringing it in. Its a basic requirement of being a music venue, and if every act genuinely is bringing in its own set ups, that could well explain the prices but it’s also just laughable. I really hope that’s not true.

    As for the amount of shows in Dublin – I’d say its comparable to any major city in the UK. I’m not denying that the music scene here is fairly solid, but equally the number of major international acts is not notably more impressive than Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester or Glasgow. Sure, Dublin promoters have to persuade bands to come over the water, but they also have the draw of being the only ‘must play’ city in the country, and many major bands would want to play in Ireland. The UK’s smaller cities dont have that, so – and sorry if this seems harsh – but I really dont see how the promoters deserve any particular credit for sorting it. It can’t be that hard, really? And it’s there job, at the end of the day, one that judging by the prices they’re substantially overpaid for.

  • And don’t forget, at the end of the day there’s a whole heap of bands playing the same venue, with much bigger stage shows for a much cheaper costs. All Rage bring is their lightening (if even), their backdrop, instruments and amps, sound equipment..etc.

    All the other bands mentioned above (Lady Gaga, KISS, The Prodigy, Judas Priest..etc) all manage to bring all the same equipment plus loads of custom stage props, sets..etc on top of that and still manage to sell their tickets for E20/30 less than Rage. The only difference is Rage are the only band in that list that have built their reputations and career on the anti-capitalism, anti-commercialism band wagon.

    We’re simply saying that this ticket price is a slap in the face to Rage’s legacy and, unless another reason can be put forward, finally proves the band are just like all the others, except the others don’t bullshit their fans in the process, they reward them with massive stage shows and cheaper ticket prices.

    Mayber it’s expensive to bring Zack and Tom’s inflated egotistical heads over?

  • Thanks for mapping out your gigging history for us there, James : )

    Maybe I’ve missed something but I don’t really get this “debate”. As a RATM fan I’ve long accepted that they sold out to that particular machine a long, long time ago. How can anyone be surprised that they’d charge this much?

    Also, much as I hate MCD too, they don’t decide the ticket prices. The band tells them how much they’ll play for & ticket prices are negotiated from that to cover costs.

    Ask anyone who worked in music PR in the Celtic Tiger years & they will tell you what a running joke it was that Irish people will buy tickets to anything, at any price. I’ve heard directly from a major promoter that they had/have a press release template “XXX sells out in 2 minutes” where they just change the name, date and venue. In other words, Irish music fans are mugs who’ll pay anything asked of them.

  • Lisa – no worries :P. I do have a tendency to ramble. I can give you a full list of acts, too, if you like 😛

    Maybe we should just accept that they’ve sold out. I dont really follow them, though, and they certainly dont have that image, at least not that I’m aware of. . As for the rest, couldnt agree more.

  • Jim

    Relax lads. No one is forcing ye to go. I want to see them, and am prepared to stump up. So shut up.

  • 52 comments of sensible, on point and (for me at least) interesting debate before someone came along and tells us to shut up because it doesn’t interest them… was that an Internet record? To think it almost passed without that joy…

    The email alert on from the comment above reminded me of this little debate, and I thought it might interest you all to see the extent of the European tour at this stage. It has extended slightly, and I think we can safely assume that it’s not going to grow any more at this stage –

    2 German festival dates
    Dublin O2
    Finsbury Park
    Donnington Park (Download)
    Arnhem (Holland)

    So six dates in what is essentially a mini European tour. Don’t know how that affects the debate, but there you go, just thought I’d add it in case anyone else is on the email updates.

    On other random news, I noticed when I searched for the tour dates that if you type ‘Rage Against The Machine’ into Google, this thread is the third result, after the official site and Wikipedia. Not bad at all!

  • “On other random news, I noticed when I searched for the tour dates that if you type ‘Rage Against The Machine’ into Google, this thread is the third result, after the official site and Wikipedia. Not bad at all!”

    That’s only if you search through, which will return Irish related results. So no big deal there.

  • mick

    wish i could see them play( can’t afford it ), and i hope your wrong, i hope they haven’t sold out, cause they r the voices of the voiceless 😀

  • Rob


    The ticket prices in Dublin were so high as they were subsidizing the cost of putting on the free gig for 40,000 people in London.

    As a Dub who had a great day out of Sunday, I’d like to thank you all for paying for it : )

  • Jim

    Dear Mr Hendicott,
    Your comments were no more than inane passive agressive rants that were of no use to anyone. Hense my posting. Your just too tight to pay the money to see them and now your angry because you aren’t going to see them. The fact that you are so excited about this page coming up third in the google search just confirms what a sad little man you are. So please, when you are annoyed with yourself because of, well, yourself, keep it to yourself 🙂
    And Mr Rob, your welcome mate. Glad you enjoyed it. Glad your flights and accomodation was less than 67€. Did you swim over and stay in a homeless shelter? Well since your a ‘dub’ i guss you know good places in london now to score some smack.

  • No use to anyone apart from the people who were interested enough to have a discussion about it, Jim? We have a name for people like you – people who join a discussion for the pure purpose of slating people rather than any actual debate: WUM. Or to put it in your terms, sad little men. Funnily enough, your opinion of me doesn’t actually concern me at all.

    I’m interested in where this site ranks on google because I write for it, if that makes me sad, so be it, i’ll live.

    As for the price of tickets, I’m interested in the price of gigs in Dublin because I attend a lot of them, like most of us here. Cleary, if you read the conversation, I’m not the only one. You, on the other hand, are interested in abusing people rather than having any kind of discussion. I’ll leave it to other readers to judge which one of us is inane.

    In case anyone’s still looking for tickets, btw, they were listed as available at the Jervis Centre ticketmaster late last week, may still be up for grabs…