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Raw Sessions launches on RTE

The launch of any new music series on Irish television is something to be applauded but even so RTÉ’s The Raw Sessions with Sony Ericsson looks particularly interesting, a brand new eight-part interactive music series on which will see eight talented Irish music acts write, record and mix an original song in front of the cameras in 12 hours or less. Viewers can vote for their favourite song and by downloading it can help the artists of the week into the Irish charts.

The Raw Sessions with Sony Ericsson, which will be presented by recording artist, actor and producer Dez Ryan and produced by Lotus Media, will be broadcast on RTÉ Two every Tuesday at 11.55pm from 12 May. Independent artists including Majella Murphy, Rarely Seen Above Ground (RSAG), Sickboy, Noise Control, Dirty Epics, Hoarsebox, Infomatics and Sweet Jane will take part in the series with the goal of becoming ‘Sony Ericsson Artist of the Year’.

The schedule for the show is as follows:

Week 1 – Sweet Jane & RSAG

Week 2 – Dirty Epics & Sickboy

Week 3 – Infomatics & Noise Control

Week 4 – Majella Murphy & Hoarsebox

Week 5 – Celebrity recording of ‘Trouble With A Capital T’

Week 6 – Week 1 & Week 2 Artist Records at Grouse Lodge

Week 7 – Week 3 & Week 4 Artist Records at Grouse Lodge

Week 8 – The Raw Sessions Live Final Event

Each week The Raw Sessions viewers get the chance to vote for their favourite artist and original song that has been created in front of the cameras. The bands receiving the most votes move to the next round and a chance to record another new song at the exclusive Grouse Lodge recording studio in Westmeath. Voters will receive a code on their mobile phone which enables them to download their song for free from The Raw Sessions website All downloads count towards the Irish charts he top three artists who record new songs in Grouse Lodge will perform at a live event where one of them will be named ‘Sony Ericsson Artist of The Year’.

The Raw Sessions with Sony Ericsson promises to be both entertaining and real, giving new depth to modern music programmes and opening the door for real independent artists across the country to create music and tell their stories.

Episode five of The Raw Sessions with Sony Ericsson will show the commitment and support of the established music industry. It will see Barry Devlin, Johnny Fean and Jim Lockhart from the -70s Irish celtic rock band ‘Horslips’; Kevin Godley (10CC and Godley & Creme), Republic of Loose, The Blizzards, Kila and Richie Buckley remix the well known song -Trouble with a Capital T ‘. Proceeds of the downloadable remix will go to The Irish Youth Foundation.

The Raw Sessions with Sony Ericsson will air on RTÉ Two every Tuesday from 12th May at 11.55pm and will be repeated on Friday nights at midnight starting 15th May.

  • saw this and thought it was great, they have picked hard working Irish bands with talent. It wasn’t made in to a ‘reality’ type show at all which was great, really just a set of good interviews with the bands and then the highlights of a day in the studio recording one song each. It wasn’t all about who will win and who will get kicked off so it leaves you free to enjoy the music of the bands you like and not wish they win

    well done on rte on taking a chance on this.