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rhizome[s] Irish tour featuring Thread Pulls, Thulebasen & Patrick Kelleher

Billed as ‘a tour of legitimate sharing’, rhizome[s] features three like minded musical acts – Thread Pulls, Thulebasen & Patrick Kelleher, all of whom have been forming rhizomatic connections resulting in collaborations, remixes, one-off events and so on. The tour brings them together for a series of shows with collaboration at the heart of it. With work shared in advance of the concerts, each act will present their own sets yet each performance will also feature collaborations between the artists developed for the tour.

The dates are:

Thursday 7 October, Club Head Bang Bang, Tralee
Friday 8 October, The Model, Sligo
Saturday 9 October, ESB Substation, Caroline Street, Cork
Monday 11 October, Block T, 1-6 Haymarket, Smithfield Square, Dublin

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