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RIP Pauly Feumana of OMC How Bizarre fame

Pauly Feumana whose band OMC had a massive hit worldwide with ‘How Bizarre’ died at his home in New Zealand from a short illness yesterday at the age of 40. Full report here from Reuters.

The deceptively upbeat song — whose title was inspired by a ubiquitous catchphrase — revolved around peculiar encounters with policemen and circus performers. But behind the catchy melody and Mariachi horns lurked a darker story, hinting at Fuemana’s upbringing in a crime-infested suburb of New Zealand’s biggest city.

“I put a lot of hidden stories in there so people could read between the lines and sense it for what it is instead of telling them, ‘Yeah, we got pulled over by the cops, and my mate got his head smashed in, and we got arrested, and they found some pot on him,'” Fuemana told Reuters in a 1997 interview.

Fuemana failed to match the success


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    RIP Man!