by / January 7th, 2009 /

Robyn, The Knife and Lykke Li to appear on upcoming Royksopp album

The third Royskopp album Junior is coming on the 23rd of March and the duo have released tracklisting and details on their official site. As well as revealing that Robyn, Lykke Li, Anneli Drecker and The Knife brother and sister duo appear on it, they have also released the tracklisting.

The first single ‘Happy Up Here’ will be out on 9th March while the band recently celebrated their existence with a free download called ‘Happy Birthday’ available here.


1. Happy Up Here
2. The Girl And The Robot
3. Vision One
4. This Must Be It
5. Röysopp Forever
6. Miss It So Much
7. Tricky Tricky
8. You Don’t Have A Clue
9. Silver Cruiser
10. True To Life
11. It’s What I Want

  • Did you mean “The Knife brother and sister duo Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer-Andersson”?! Anneli Drecker bears no relation to The Knife. Tut tut! ;P

    But the album should be interesting, once there’s no repeat of that hideous “49 Percent” (retch).

    Wait a minute – is Olof actually involved with this? I thought he was concentrating on minimal techno DJing? Hmmm. I confused.

  • Oops posted that at 2 in the moanin.