by / March 20th, 2008 /

Roots Manuva new album news

The Big Dada website has some rumblings about Roots Manuva’s “almost complete” new album which they promise will be out in late summer.

Via the Big Dada site:

So it’s a while since we’ve posted any news about Roots Manuva, but you’ll have to forgive us; everyone has been very busy working towards getting you some very good news. The new album is almost complete, and is scheduled for late summer this year. The title isn’t finalised as yet, but what is certain is that Rodney’s reached new heights with the music. Light and dark, vulnerable and wise by turns, the album draws together cruffy anthems, club-shuddering basslines, slime and reason and introspective insight in trademark fashion. Like all Roots Manuva full lengths, it’s an album in the truest sense of the word; a coherent body of work that provides a window – fuck it, a door – into the world of Rodney Smith.

  • i wait with bated breath!