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Rubberbandits – The Button Factory, Dublin

The Bandits celebrated over 2 million hits with a masterful performance that fell somewhere between comedy and a engagingly brilliant musical act in the Button Factory last night. After all, while much of Ireland have only just copped on to the Limerick boyos, they’ve been on the slow ascent ever since making hilarious prank phonecalls three yearss ago or so. A regular slot on Republic of Telly, ‘Horse Outside’, Joe Duffy outrage, all combined for pure chart-bait and the likelihood that the duo are likely to go Christmas number one next week. As a result, they are the must see act of the season.

Compared to their Christmas show last year so, The Button Factory was jammed tight and The Bandits flanked by DJ Wille O’ Dea J and an assortment of plastic-bag wearing dancers and backing singers delivered a focused performance of all of their high-quality tunes: ‘Bags of Glue’, ‘The Greyhound Shuffle’, ‘Too Many Gee’, ‘Up The Ra’ a song about “double-dropping yokes with Eamon De Valera”, ‘ A Song For Willie O’Dea’ , ‘Gardaí Siochana’, ‘Pure Awkward’, the phenomenal universal song about young relationship trouble ‘I Want to Fight Your Father’ and of course, ‘Horse Outside’.

A surreal lesson in how to mix comedy and music to maximum effect. Rubberbandits we salute you.

Photos: Ian Keegan.
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  • john

    Any pics of Daniel O’Donnell? He played before Campaign LK.

  • Unfortunately not mate, I only made it in just before 9.

  • Bazza

    The prank phone calls are going at least 6 years at this stage.

    I remember hearing the car stereo prank call in 2004, and it had been out a while then.. I heard ones well before that as well, around 2002..

  • Yeah, the prank calls date from the late ’90s. Have recordings stashed away somewhere…