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Ryanair to release thinly-veiled marketing ‘single’

Your flight over to the UK on a certain low-cost airline is about to get more intolerable. Some bright spark in Ryanair had the splendid idea to bombard their customers even when they ar enot on a plane by releasing a thinly-veiled celebatory single called ‘Mr. SuperFly’.

Ryanair will promote sales of Mr Superfly merchandising and the single release across its fleet and on The airline has even promised that if ‘Mr Superfly’ reaches number one it will offer free flights on selected routes for as long as the song remains a chart-topper.

The company have high hopes for the character and has commissioned an animated TV series and children’s book.

Ryanair deputy chief executive Michael Cawley said, ‘Exposure to Ryanair’s 58 million passengers is certain to make the song a massive commercial success and rescue the pop charts.’

Brace yourself and keep your kids ears safe.

  • bobby

    I quite like it. And the joke in the middle made me lol. I hope they play it on the plane when you land but you still have to wait 5 minutes to get off. Everyone to the aisles!!

  • Believe me Bobby, they play it ALL the time. I’ve heard the instrumental version more times than you can imagine.

  • Joanne

    This song drives me insane! To the extent that I listen to my ipod from the moment I sit down on the plane, so I don’t have to hear this piece of “music”, and the myriad adverts they play while waiting to taxi to the runway.

  • y’see, this is one of the reasons why i never use ryanair – that and their taxes are so extreme it makes their airline unuseable

  • That’s a whole different debate – don’t even get me started on trying to fly with kids now….

  • i was hoping for a debate

  • Steve Payne

    Got back from dublin today and craved the tune! Ryanair are awesome and for a 1p each way, im happy to listen to superfly! Also you can get ryanair callcards which give you 40 euro worth of call for 10 euro…ask cabin crew for details! Jesus, its locked in my head!

  • Steve do you work for Ryanair by any chance?

  • It’s good to see Ryanair’s low-cost ethos extends to their viral marketing department!