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Showtime! State’s gigs of the week

Rea Garvey | Academy 2, Dublin (7pm, 18th February) | €14.50

Homecoming of sorts for the Irish-born, Germany-based singer-songwriter.

Everything Everything | Whelan’s, Dublin (7:30pm, 18th February) | SOLD OUT

Every Every ticket has been sold, and I’d say Everybody Everybody is fairly excited about this one.

Eddi Reader | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 20th February) | SOLD OUT

From a Wexford church to Wexford St, Ms Reader has been on quite a journey.

Dauwd | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 20th February) | €8/€6 with cheaplist

London bass artist is the latest to grace Movements with his presence.

Benga | Stiff Kitten, Belfast (10pm, 20th February) / Twisted Pepper, Dublin (DJ Set) (10pm, 21st February) | €6/€11.75

Dubstep architect and Croydon native (pictured above) crosses the Irish Sea.

Example | Odyssey, Belfast (8pm, 20th February) / O2, Dublin (6:30pm, 21st February) | €27.50/€35

Example is doing an arena tour, everybody.

Ron Sexsmith | Limelight 2, Belfast (8pm, 20th February) / Academy, Dublin (7pm, 21st February) | €21/€25

Venerable Canadian pop songwriter plays a couple of dates in support of the upcoming Forever Endeavour.

Fighting with Wire | Limelight, Belfast (9pm, 20th February) / Workman’s Club (8pm, 22nd February) | €6/€10

Fighting with Wire is very dangerous and should only be done in a safe environment with professionals observing at all times. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Of Monsters and Men | Olympia, Dublin (7:30pm, 21st February) | SOLD OUT

Most popular Icelandic exports of 2012: Mackerel, Of Monsters and Men. If EU regulators have their way, we’ll be seeing a lot less of one of these – can you guess which?

Mark Eitzel | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 21st February) | €17

Prolific San Franciscan singer/guitarist embarks on Irish tour at the Wellington Quay venue.

Get the Blessing | Limelight 2, Belfast (8:15pm, 21st February) | €12

Merry rhythmic jazz crowd coming to Belfast. By the looks of the below video, their mothers never told them off for wearing the shopping bags on their heads.

The 1930s | Speakeasy, Belfast (9pm, 21st February) | FREE

Ironically enough, the speakeasy became redundant in the 1930s with the end of prohibition. The decade returns this Thursday just to rub it in a bit.

Former Monarchs | Cyprus Avenue, Cork (9pm, 21st February) | €5

These Former Monarchs will hopefully go down better than Richard III. What do you mean ‘That’s no longer topical’?

Inni-K | Whelan’s (Upstairs), Dublin (8pm, 21st February)/ Róisín Dubh (Upstairs) (9pm, 22nd February) | €5

Ireland’s Zooey Deschanel? Depending on your opinion of the New Girl, I’ve probably just made you extremely excited to see Inni-K or completely ruined her for you.

The Killers | Odyssey, Belfast (6:30pm, 21st February) / O2, Dublin (6:30pm, 22nd February) | €45-48/€49.65-51.65

I usually try and link a recent video with each Showtime! entry, but fuck that. ‘Somebody Told Me’, it is.

FIDLAR | Academy 2, Dublin (7pm, 22nd February) | €14

Bratty indie-punk seeking out the under-age drinker in all of us.

Darkstar | Button Factory, Dublin (7:30pm, 22nd February) | €16.50

Moving from Hyperdub to Warp is probably rarer than moving from Barçelona to Real Madrid. In that case, Darkstar are the Luís Figo of Animal Collective impersonators.

Walk the Moon | Academy, Dublin (7:30pm, 22nd February) | €15.50

Taut indie-pop coming all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio; unlikely to moonwalk or moon-walk.

Ethan Johns | Sugar Club, Dublin (8pm, 22nd February) | €17.35

Originally misread as Ethan Jones, who is apparently a former American Idol contestant. Ethan Johns, on the other hand, is a beardy folk artist. I’m sure Nicki and Mariah would have found a way to argue and gesticulate about him – what troopers they are.

I Draw Slow | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 22nd February) | €10

Well, drawing fast is hardly a vital life skill, especially not for musicians, so I’d say this folk duo will be grand.

The Quicksand Band | Whelan’s (Upstairs), Dublin (8pm, 22nd February) | €7

Human band, not made of quicksand. They will not consume you whole.

Mundy | Bogger’s Lounger, Ardee, Co. Louth (9pm, 22nd February) | SOLD OUT

Steve Earle fan begins romantic quest outside Galway.

Sonic Boom Six | Stiff Kitten, Belfast (9pm, 22nd February) | €11.25

Mixing drum & bass, ska and rap is a lot better on paper. What am I on about? It’s still terrible on paper.

Steve Aoki | Olympia, Dublin (7pm, 22nd February) / Limelight, Belfast (10pm, 22nd February) | €33.50/€20.50

He seems a bit mismatched for the Olympia, but I doubt the the house/brostep man really cares.

Rae Morris | Unitarian Church, Dublin (7pm, 23rd February) | €10

She looks a bit like Mick Hucknall, circa 1990.

Empty Lungs | Sub (Queen’s University Student Union), Belfast (8pm, 23rd February) | €6

New EP from punk four-piece being launched at QUSU.

Jerry Fish | Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, Birr, Co. Offaly (8pm, 23rd February) | €20.65

I don’t know much about the man, but anyone who can pull off that shirt and sings like Tom Waits if he was your fun, drunk uncle is alright in my book.

Mazes | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 23rd February) | €13

Fuzzy indie from the UK, support from September Girls.

Stu Larsen | Whelan’s (Upstairs), Dublin (8pm, 23rd February) | €5/€8 on the door

“Names such as vagabond, gypsy and troubadour have often been thrown around in reference to Larsen, but he seems to embrace all that come his way.” – Stu Larsen’s Tumblr bio, 2013.

The Bonnevilles | Cellar Bar, Draperstown, Co. Derry (9pm, February) £5 (€5.80)

The Wood Burning Savages and the Last Generation play in support of the garage/blues duo.

Duke Special | Kavanagh’s, Portlaoise, Co. Laois (9pm, 23rd February) | €22.65

Peter Wilson brings his whole mystical, romantic thing to the Midlands.

Dutch Schultz | Pavilion, Belfast (9pm, 23rd February) | £5 (€5.80)

Belfast rockers named after New York mobster of the 20s and 30s. I’d say he’ll probably make an appearance in Boardwalk Empire at some point.

Slow Hands and I Am the Cosmos | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 23rd February) | €8/€10 on the door

Monochrome duo warm up the crowd for languid house producer.

Little Mix | Olympia, Dublin (2:30pm and 7:30pm, 23rd February) / Waterfront Hall, Belfast (8pm, 24th February) | €35/€22-32

That Zayn guy is such a bellend!!! Luff UUUU Perrie!!!!

Grand Magus | Stiff Kitten, Belfast (6pm, 23rd February) / Pint, Dublin (6pm, 24th February) | €15.50/€18

Roadrunner favourites stop over or a couple of days.

Arbouretum | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 24th February) | €13.50

Rock band; not to be confused with an arboretum, a type of botanical garden.

John Prine | Vicar St, Dublin (8pm, 24th February) | €40-45

Revered singer-songwriter in Dublin for one night only.

Enemies and Croupier | Cyprus Avenue, Cork (9pm, 24th February) | €9.30

Double bill of young Irish talent for under a tenner. Bargain.

The Unthanks | Róisín Dubh, Galway (9pm, 24th February) | €22.90

Northumbrian sisters go out west. Here’s them playing ‘Sexy Sadie’ in a church. I’ve always thought that song sounded a lot like ‘Karma Police’ but with harmonies and without all that pesky existential misery.