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Showtime! State’s gigs of the week

Loch Lomond | Cyprus Avenue (9pm, 26th February) / Workman’s Club (8pm, 27th February) | €11.75/€14

Rather lovely chamber pop that puts all other Lochs to shame. All other Lochs.

Born of Osiris | Pint, Dublin (6pm, 27th February) | €18

Technical deathcore, apparently. That sounds like you need several degrees to even attempt and also exceedingly sinister.

Tied to Machines | Limelight 2, Belfast (9pm, 27th February) | £3 (€3.44)

Aren’t we all? Hard rocking amigos from the northern capital.

Stray from the Path | Academy 2, Dublin (6pm, 28th February) / Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast (7pm, 1st March) | €14/£12 (€13.88)

Indignant, shouty rock/nu-metal in MCD’s basement.

Egyptian Hip Hop | Grand Social, Dublin (7:30pm, 28th February) | €14.20

What is Egyptian hip-hop like post-Arab Spring? Head down to the Grand Social and you definitely won’t find out.

Cymbals | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 28th February) | €8

Fiddly, buttoned-down indie. Drummer kept forgetting his cymbals, so they re-named the band as a constant, mocking reminder to him.

Shadow Child | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 28th February) | €9.30

Like that thing that killed Renly in Game of Thrones? No, just some two-step/garage producer. Sigh.

Foals | Academy, Dublin (7pm, 28th February and 1st March) | €24.90

Yannis and co. start a Holy Fire, then they’re gonna burn the Unitarian Church down.

The Script | O2, Dublin (6:30pm, 28th February and 1st and 2nd March) | €39.05 releases Danny and the baeyz from his vomiting nightmare of tacky futurism for a few nights. Britney isn’t so lucky.

Kasper Rosa | Speakeasy, Belfast (9pm, 28th February) / Workman’s Club, Dublin (7pm, 1st March) | FREE/€7

Heavy rock instrumentalists headline Radar before heading to the Dublin quays.

Holy Other | Button Factory, Dublin (7:30pm, 1st March) | €15

Praise be, TriAngle’s flagship producer hits up the Button Factory in support of Held.

Rotten Sound | Pint, Dublin (7:30pm, 1st March) | €18.50

Ah lads, don’t be too hard on yourselves. Finnish grindcore.

Beth Hart Band | Whelan’s, Dublin (8:30pm, 1st March) | €15

“Beth Hart is an American singer who became famous with the hit ‘LA Song (Out of This Town)’, which aired during Episode 17 of the 10th and final season of Beverly Hills, 90210.” – Beth Hart’s Wikipedia page. That’s some claim to fame right there.

Swim Deep | Academy 2, Dublin (7pm, 1st March) / Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast (6pm, 2nd March) | €12/€13.50

Upbeat Brummy indie quartet head to the capitals. One of them is called Cavan.

Time Is a Thief | Cyprus Avenue, Cork (9:30pm, 1st March and 2pm, 2nd March) | €9.30

Cork metallers don’t have far to travel – that’ll save some of that time they value so dearly.

Jenn Bostic | Academy 2, Dublin (7:30pm, 2nd March) | €11.75

Philly country songstress gets all maudlin on yo’ asses.

Hermitage Green | Academy, Dublin (7:30pm, 2nd March) | €15

Singer Barry Murphy has taken inspiration from Bressie – pause to laugh/cry – and is making the transition from rugby to music with his band’s brand of acoustic rock.

Linnea Olsson | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8:30pm, 2nd March) | €10

Experimental Swedish cellist. If you count using an amp as experimental, that is. Sounds like the latest worthwhile musical curiosity from Scandinavia anyway.

Fatboy Slim | Lush, Portrush, Co. Antrim (9pm, 2nd March) | €16.75

Take it, Walken.

Kerbdog | Róisín Dubh, Galway (9pm, 2nd March) | €20.90

Reformed 90s rockers from Kilkenny start out on a national tour.

MK | Stiff Kitten, Belfast (10pm, 2nd March) | €11.25

MK stands for Mark Kinchen. As you can see, the veteran American house producer is oh so very creative.

Bicep | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 2nd March) | €17.65

Local house/garage act take a break from sculpting their guns.

King Kong Company | Cyprus Avenue, Cork (11pm, 2nd March) | €9.30

Veteran Waterford dance-rock outfit.

New Jackson and Daniel Avery | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 2nd March) | €8

Pogo Recordings man heads up Hidden Agenda with help from up-and-coming London producer.

Slash | Olympia, Dublin (7pm, 3rd March) | €39.05-44.05

The guitarist in Guns N’ Roses before Buckethead. He’s pretty good but prone to riffing outside tiny, deserted churches.

We Banjo 3 | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 3rd March) | €12

Does what it says on the tin.