by / February 21st, 2012 /

Simian Mobile Disco announce new album

Simian Mobile Disco have announced that they will release a new album Unpatterns on May 14th through Wichita.

It is SMD’s third album and first since 2009’s Temporary Pleasure. It is, in their own PR’s words, “ a record full of love, dedication, hard-earned experience, obvious understanding of decades of electronic music from across scenes and styles, and huge fun. It’s completely of the now, showing a band as familiar with Blawan and Lone as they are with Silver Apples and Phuture, but never jumping on bandwagons.”

The first single from Unpatterns, ‘Seraphim’ will be released on April 9, and SMD will be in Dublin on March 16th.

1. I Waited For You
2. Cerulean
3. Seraphim
4. A Species Out of Control
5. Interference
6. Put Your Hands Together
7. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
8. Your Love Ain’t Fair
9. Pareidolia
10. Everyday (bonus itunes exclusive)