by / September 14th, 2016 /

Listen: The Breathing Effect – ‘Ocean Cycle’

If you haven’t yet heard of LA electronic-jazz fusion group The Breathing Effect, then it’s high time you check out their 2015 album Mars is a Very Bad Place for Love. It’s the kind of space-jazz concept album that you’d expect to have come straight from the mid 70s, reminiscent of Dexter Wansel or George Duke from that period. Stand out tracks include ‘Weightless Reality’ and ‘Rising Inside’ that blend ethereal vocals and electronics with live drums, bass and keys. The reality is that The Breathing Effect consists of two main band members, Eli Goss and Harry Terrell. Goss plays most of the keyboard parts while Terrell covers the rhythm section on the drum kit and bass. Both members add vocals and cover production duties with occasional guest members dropping in and out.

Their latest release is a single consisting of two tracks, ‘Ocean Cycle’ and ‘Wood Thrush’ that have spent two years in the making, with a lo-fi version of the latter appearing on their Soundcloud page back in 2014. Since then the tracks have patiently sat, waiting for the mixing and mastering they deserved, and now finally available in all their glory via Alpha Pup Records.

‘Ocean Cycle’ weighs in at almost eight minutes in length and features additional keyboards by Mokichi Kawaguchi, aka Lionmilk, and bass by Jono Stewart. It’s a dense synth-heavy soundscape that slowly builds in magnitude for the first three minutes before the drums kick in with a restless 4/4. On the flip-side ‘Wood Thrush’ features Lauren Nicole Dessinger on vocals that soar in a mist of reverb high above Goss’s tenor. It’s a more expansive and complex track than the A-side release, and together the two pieces hold high hopes for the band’s follow up album due out in early 2017, with tours to follow. You can purchase the EP here via their Bandcamp page or stream below.