by / September 19th, 2011 /

Small Town America make 10th Public Service Broadcast

Derry based Small Town America is set to release its latest compilation in the Public Service Broadcast series, also marking its 10th anniversary. According to the label, “we started with a grand ideal – that of ‘art over everything’. Sometimes we’ve deviated from that unconsciously, making wrong decisions and following our heads rather than our hearts. Each time though, we’ve come back to the realisation that the most important thing we can do is to document the journey of the artists we work with and love. This collection represents what we love right now in 2011; embodied in vinyl for the first time in the series’ history as a testament to bands and writers the world over, who spend countless hours in rehearsal rooms, vans and recording studios endeavouring to break our hearts with a piece of timeless music for us to fall in love with. Play loud and with pride.”

The latest installment features General Fiasco, United Fruit, Rams Pocket Radio, Battle For Paris and more and is accompanied by the following live shows:

23rd September – Captains Rest, Glasgow – United Fruit
23rd September – ‘Culture Night’, Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast – STA PSB10 Listening Party
24th September – Ma Kellys, Ballymoney – Axis Of / More Than Conquerors / Event Horses
1st October – Nations of Shopkeepers, Leeds – Blacklisters / Talons
1st October – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff – VVOLVES
5th November – Le Cube à Ressort, Brest, France – Mnemnotechic Listening Party