by / January 13th, 2011 /

Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb team up to produce a new !K7 DJ Kicks mix album

Boston duo Soul Clap and Brooklyn based duo Wolf + Lamb are set to release a 27 track !K7 DJ Kicks mix album in mid March this year. The DJ duos have been carving out a niche sound in house music in the US over the past 18 months; with Soul Clap’s Twitter relaying that “slow and sexy wins the race,” in relation to their sound. The album is set to contain nine exclusive tracks, with contributions from the extended Wolf + Lamb family also appearing.

Soul Clap (Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine) met Wolf + Lamb (Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg) in September 2008 when they travelled from their native Boston to attend Wolf and Lamb’s underground club, the Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn. The four of them hit it off pretty much instantly. The initial idea was to record the album as Wolf + Lamb versus Soul Clap. However, the duo decided that a collaborative album would work better as according to Gadi:

“The concept for this mix originally was to use our favourite tracks from the last two years —y’know, classic stuff — but then we thought it might be a stronger idea to do something that was about our world. We have such a strong sense of collective about the way we do things at the Marcy Hotel and on the Wolf + Lamb label. It’s very loose and we bring all our artists together and we kind of play it by ear and the vibe is very chilled out and deep. We figured if we could bring that to a mix and keep it in the family, with people who’ve released on the label we would have something special.”

Preview tracks from the album are set to appear on !K7 records soundcloud very soon. For now, check out Wolf + Lamb track ‘Love Someone’ track below.

Wolf + Lamb – Love Someone