by / July 15th, 2011 /

St. Vincent new album details, covers Tom Waits

Annie Clark has announced the details of her new St. Vincent album. The follow-up to Actor is called Strange Mercy, an 11 track LP recorded by Clark at Elmwood Studios in her hometown of Dallas, Texas and produced by John Congleton.

The press release reveals that Strange Mercy finds St. Vincent “redefining the idea of the guitar hero, utilizing the instrument as a pointillist artist might wield a brush. Countless judiciously placed riffs and instrumental flares, each distinct and unique, cohere into grand tableaus.”

Strange Mercy will be out in early September via 4AD, here’s the tracklist and artwork designed by Annie.


  1. ‘Chloe in the Afternoon’
  2. ‘Cruel’
  3. ‘Cheerleader’
  4. ‘Surgeon’
  5. ‘Northern Lights’
  6. ‘Strange Mercy’
  7. ‘Neutered Fruit’
  8. ‘Champagne Year’
  9. ‘Dilettante’
  10. ‘Hysterical Strength’
  11. ‘Year of the Tiger’

Stereogum reports that St. Vincent covered Tom Waits’ ‘Big Black Mariah’ at London’s Barbicon Theatre as part of a Rain Dogs tribute, here’s that performance.