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State Magazine – Issue One

State issue 1 preview

As I write, we’re spending a – shall we say focused – Tuesday afternoon in the State offices applying the finishing touches to the first issue of State Magazine, so it seems like as good a time as any to let you know a little of what is coming your way. By now the website will have hopefully given you an idea of what State is all about – quality writing, quality design and an approach to music that refuses to be dictated by genres or notions of fashion. State Magazine will do all this on a grander scale. We have always intended this to be an old fashioned music magazine in terms of our approach to journalism, photography and visuals, combined with an outlook that reflects the new global nature of the medium.

So issue one is nearly upon us and, if we do say so ourselves, we’re mighty proud. Our cover story is REM in New York, written by our East Coast correspondent Kara Manning (Rolling Stone, Village Voice & MTV). There will be plenty of REM stories this year but I doubt if many will get as close to what makes this band tick as Kara has. Elsewhere, you’ll find Sinead Gleeson in conversation with Goldfrapp, John Walshe on The Jimmy Cake, Niall Byrne talking to the astonishing Cadence Weapon and the fascinating story of Stiff Little Fingers. In addition to this, we present some of the most exciting new bands around, ruminations on what has gone before and a review section that includes the first word on the new Kooks album. And this is just the start of it. Issue two is already shaping up to be a belter, with a combination of huge international stories and the best Irish talent.

You’ll see quite a bit about us over the next couple of weeks before State finally emerges on March 6th. Wherever you are in Ireland, you’ll be in reach of a copy, through your local newsagents, corner shop or music store. For those further afield, we’ll be reaching out to you via the means of the best new technology. So pick up a copy and let us know what you think, we hope you’ll find it to your liking. Hold on, we’re coming….

  • iano

    yay. go state. best of luck with the first episode!

  • Good luck with the book!

  • I am sure this will become big. The staff is top-notch. My best wishes. I’ll be looking for it at international stands in Los Angeles.

  • Can’t wait to get my gruby hands on the first issue! Best of luck with the proof reading over the next few days…

  • Thanks all!

  • Stu

    Deadly!! Best of luck with it!!! I shall be purchasing it! Hopefully this will be the death knell of Hot Press!! It may have a glossy new cover but i still wouldnt wipe my arse with that rag!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Chris

    Good luck! Cover looks weird, never got that man. Although i never got R.E.M ither. Nevermind.

  • The cover is simply stunning. Pick up the Sunday Times this week for a preview.

  • Best of luck with the launch, I’m looking forward to reading something new and homegrown.

  • State,

    Good luck with your new venture. March 06th is my Birthday so a nice pressie awaits for sure!



  • Best of luck with Issue 1!! I hear Accelerate is a return to rwak roots. And since since when did Michael Stipe have hair?

  • good luck guys!

  • Lori

    Good luck guys. Can’t wait to see a copy – I’m sure it’ll be great. x

  • Caitriona

    I like

  • Tis Me

    Good luck with it!
    @stu… glossy does nt make good wiping material! 😉

  • Good luck! looks like the first issue is gonna be a cracker!

  • Cannot Wait… 🙂

  • best of luck with the mag,about time a decent ‘music’ mag was out,without all the polictal crap some try to fill the pages with,looking forward to 6thMarch

  • Brian Chris

    Do like the new cover of Hotpress? Coincidence?

  • Full National distrubution for first issue? – i.e. Will I be able to get it in one of my local newsagents in Trim? E.

  • Full national distribution North and South plus all airports etc.

  • yay cant wait for STATE !

  • Swanner

    At last !! A magazine not catering to the masses and all the mainstream shite. Ye can read about that in the Sun. Great first cover and I agree with Conor. When did Stipe grow hair ??? Best of luck to you all on this one.

    Can’t wait to get a copy.

  • Thanks Roger!

  • Tom

    congratulations! looks like a lot of work, looking forward to reading it!

  • Can’t wait!

    See you Tuesday, D

  • Jackie – Waterford

    Good luck with new Magaizine. It’s badly needed and look’s like its going to tick all the box’s. Can’t wait for THURSDAY so that I can see the full product. I’m sure that HP ( not the computer company ) will accout for some of your initial sales as they need the ideas !!!

  • Will Read

    Congrats! I can’t wait to get a copy!!! It looks damn good

  • If you have information for State please feel free to email it in, but we would like to keep the forums here clear for discussion. Thanks.