by / August 22nd, 2008 /

State Magazine – You only live twice


One day there’s State, kicking along in the whole of our health and next thing, there’s the sniff of a wake, a crowd start assembling – all friends of the corpse – wondering about our welfare. Well, we are please to say that rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Sorry if your weekend involved coming over to our house, keening over the laid-out, six-issue deathbed and kissing our angelic-looking masthead while drinking some of the good whiskey, eating Aunt Mary’s sandwiches and telling us you were ‘sorry for our troubles’.

Truth of it is, State has never felt better. We just put out our sixth issue marking half a year in the business with the amusingly -controversial’ Abba cover, we stuck a cover CD on it for y’all and have steadfastly been working away gathering more great interviews, reviews and rumours to satiate your appetite, kind reader, for all things musical. As you’re now on our website you know what a fantastic place it is to visit, heaving with the best music news, downloads, reviews, interviews and rumours that are usually true. Like a musical Brown Thomas without the doorman in the top hat.

So we’re feeling chipper, but we’d be lying if we said nothing’s changing. The world is moving fast and we were always planning to have a look at everything we’re doing at the half-year mark – a little health check-up if you will – and in the next few weeks we’ll be making some changes, some re-arranging. But before you go out and buy a black tie don’t think we’re re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. If anything, we’re rearranging hammocks on the luxury State yacht. Full details on where we dock, and the hammock system shortly but in the meantime you’ll find everything you need in our current issue, and on these very web pages here. No flowers please.