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State Of Play special – what’s the best decade of Irish music?

Given that St Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, this week on the show we’ll be running a special show to decide what was the best decade for Irish music; 70s. 80s, 90s or 00s. Four guests – JP O’Malley from, DJ Vinny Ryan, Jamie Fox from Fight Like Apes and Take The Money And Run’s Neil Dooley – will be in to make an impassioned plea for their chosen era. Then Phantom listeners will get the chance to vote on – with the result announced on next week’s show. State Of Play airs every Thursday at 7pm.

Will it be this?


Maybe this?

Or even this?

Give us your opinions and we’ll add them to the mix.

  • Lou Firefish

    That’s a hard one. I guess I’d say 90s or 00s. Some excellent bands out in the 90s. A few of whom are still gigging and reforming. There is still a huge nostalgia about bands from that time but as well as the nostalgia, there’s also a lot of really great music. Bands such as Power of Dreams, Whipping Boy, Sultans of Ping, the Frank and Walters, Therapy? etc.

    Someone said that the glory period was 88-93 for Irish indie so it kinda straddles two decades.

    Then again I know a lot more about 00s music and. I can name many more bands who I absolutely adore. But of course, I’m more involved with music now (you know, not even having started school in 1990!) and I’m getting to see loads of great bands regularly. I’m not sure if this poll includes Northern Irish bands but if it does then 00s would really be hard to beat.

  • Northern Irish bands are certainly included.

  • If only for ASIWYFA and Two Door Cinema Club the Northern Irish scene now is well worth mentioning. Big fan of what they’re up to up there. Speaking of which, General Fiasco interview to follow before too long, just got to write it up…

  • Fighting With Wire, LaFaro, Nakatomi Towers, John Shelly & The Creatures and Panama Kings are other Northern bands worth mentioning right now…

    The 80’s/early 90’s is hard to beat, in my opinion. Along with the bands Lou mentioned above, there was A House, Microdisney/Fatima Mansions, Rollerskate Skinny, The Pale, The Fat Lady Sings and (at the tail end of it all) Kerbdog and Ash. You could also include My Bloody Valentine…

  • Lou Firefish

    Oh I forgot about Kerbdog and Ash. And MBV. I actually don’t think I could pick – too much choice!

    And the 90s also had the wonderful Watercress, Joyrider and – who could forget them? đŸ˜›