by / September 29th, 2010 /

State Offset event presents its guest panel: Malcolm Garrett, Shaughn McGrath, Adrian Shaughnessy and M&E

By way of a taster for State’s panel discussion ‘Does Music Need Design Anymore?’ at the Offset 2010 design event in the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin this weekend here’s a quick look at the heavyweight design posse who have kindly agreed to take part. State’s art director Simon Roche will host the discussion at 4pm on Friday. You may stay in your seats too, as straight our event is a rare public interview with DJ Shadow by Jim Carroll.

Malcolm Garrett
One of three much-honoured British designers credited, from the late ’70s, with blasting graphic design into the music-conscious (Neville Brody and Peter Saville were the others). His iconic record sleeves often used industrial graphics for punk sleeves, avoiding using photos of the band. Famous for his work with Buzzcocks, Magazine and early Duran Duran albums, he saw the possibilities of digital early on and developed many websites and enhanced CDs for bands as diverse as Orbital and the Spice Girls. He spends a lot of time in a house in West Cork where he often entertains guests with Kraftwerk dvds into the early hours.

Shaughn McGrath
Shaughn and his business partner Steve Averill have been responsible for the design of almost every single physical product ever made by “arguably the biggest band in the world”, U2. This means that there’s at least one copy of his work in almost every home in the western world. It doesn’t sound as fancy saying he has “at least one 200 pixel jpeg in every iTunes cover flow list” so it was in an interview with State last year that Shaughn raised a few thoughts about the future of album covers as we know them, leading to this panel dicussion.

Adrian Shaughnessy
Adrian is a self-taught graphic designer, writer, and editor. In 1989 he co-founded Intro, the London-based design company with a large roster of bands as clients (Primal Scream, Oasis) though he left Intro in 2004 to pursue an interest in writing and consultancy. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of design for music and has even made a number of mini-encyclopedias about it in the Sampler series of books.

M&E are Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström. Running their graphic design studio out of delightful Malmö in southern Sweden they frequently collaborate with musicians, designing imagery, packaging and shooting music videos. They have recently worked with Jape, on material for his award-winning album, Ritual, as well as directing the video for the single ‘I was a man’. They are flying the flags for fresh-faced-youth, ladies and Scandinavians at this discussion. Well, Emelie will anyhow.