by / October 12th, 2010 /

Stream Kings of Leon’s new album Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon’s fifth album Come Around Sundown is out this Friday. It’s the continuation of the sound heard on their last album Only By The Night. The album was recorded in New York and has been described by the band as “beachy” and “chilled out”.

Have a listen for yourself in the widget below. It autoplays..

  • technogoblin

    More of the same only by the night trash without the singles, trash.

  • SmarterGoblin

    Not gonna lie. This stuff rules. KOL have not lost their touch. It’s a brilliant culmination of their sound. Can’t wait to see all the people who think they’re too hip for this stuff.

  • technogoblin

    i didn’t like only by the night, it was a mediocre album at best, in my opinion, with two huge singles that pushed them into the mainstream. this is a continuation of that, sans the big singles. if you liked only by the night, you’ll like this. i’m happy for you. i don’t necessarily want to dislike kings of leon, i’ve spent a lot on their gigs over the last five years, but with this watered down sound, I can’t help but long for the energy of their earlier stuff.

  • Gus

    technogoblin took the words right out of my mouth. This is how I’ve felt since Only By The Night came out. It had two or three good tracks and the rest of it was BORING. Same goes for this album. They lost the great epic sound they had with Because of the Times and Aha Shake Heartbreak, two of my favorite albums of recent times.