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Super Extra Bonus Party win Choice Music Prize

Super Extra Bonus Party won the Choice Music Prize for Irish album of the year 2007 in an awards ceremony in Vicar St, Dublin last night. The Kildare band took the €10,000 prize after 12 music journalist judges decided on Super Extra Bonus Party LP after being locked away in a three hour heated deliberation.

The favourites for the Prize were Cathy Davey and Delorentos with a lot of critics suggesting Adrian Crowley would get the nod. All 10 nominated artists performed on the night including a stunning acoustic set from Roísín Murphy. Congrats to Jim and everyone for putting it all together.

The 10 nominated albums were

Adrian Crowley ‘Long Distance Swimmer’ (Tin Angel)
Cathy Davey ‘Tales Of Silversleeve’ (EMI)
Delorentos ‘In Love With Detail’ (Cottage)
Dry County ‘Unexpected Falls’ (Lazybird)
The Flaws ‘Achieving Vagueness’ (Arrivals)
David Geraghty ‘Kill Your Darlings’ (Decal)
Kila ‘Gambler’s Ballet’ (Kila Records)
Roisin Murphy ‘Overpowered’ (EMI)
Stanley Super 800 ‘Louder & Clearer’ (Sofa)
Super Extra Bonus Party ‘Super Extra Bonus Party’ (Alphabet Set) * winner

  • robbie

    Well done the boyz, do us proud in Belgrade!

  • Well done to the lads – fully deserved.

  • Well Done – Bet they had a ‘Super Party’ afterwards …

  • “Well Done – Bet they had a ‘Super Party’ afterwards …”

    i’ll get your coat…

  • Colin

    woo! I won my bet! Annoyed I was not at it now. Album is gooooooooood!