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Tea with … Elbow

As part of this year’s festival Absolute Fringe has teamed up with Barry’s Tea to present a mini-series of -Tea With…’ talks in the Metro Bosco Tent. There will be three talks held over the three evenings.

Kicking off on Tuesday the 8th of September with an intimate, conversation-led debate, Elbow‘s Guy Garvey and their manager Phil Chadwick will discuss how after 19 years in the business the band are an apparent “overnight success”.

With new spaces, collectives and initiatives emerging all over the city this current recession has spawned a creative revolution in Ireland. On Wednesday the 9th Trevor O’Shea (Bodytonic/Airbound), Richard Seabrooke (Offset), Dylan Haskins (Hideaway House), Kate Nolan (Re-Dress), Peter O’Brien (Dartmouth Sq/Edenbee), amongst others will gather to share their ideas and experiences.

The series concludes on Thursday the 10th with practitioners and critics engaging with renowned publisher Trevor White for some timely thoughts on the value of art in Irish society.

Schedule of Barry’s Tea With… Absolut Fringe – The Metro Bosco Tent
Tuesday 8th, 7:00pm: -Elbow : In conversation’
Wednesday 9th, 7:00pm: -Recession: Opportunity Knocks’
Thursday 10th, 7:00pm: The Value of Art?

See for updates on the full line-up.

For more information about Barry’s Tea With the Absolut Fringe visit or become a fan on Facebook at

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