by / March 4th, 2015 /

The 9th annual Community Skratch Games set for Bierhaus, Galway

If you’re partial to a bit of turntablism magic and fancy heading along to see some of the best record-manipulators around, then look no further than the Bierhaus, Galway this coming April 4th and 5th.  Featuring the likes of DJ Chile, Noid the Droid and Zinc, Darcy, Symatic & Kutclass as well as live performances from Nyt Bloomer and Clerk 5, the Community Skratch Games is an event that deals with much more than just record-play.  Oh, did we mention it’s completely free?  Performances begin at 5pm each day and donations are welcome.

  • fillious phog

    Best weekend of the year!!!

  • Ray Wingnut

    This is the best fun in the whole world! Mad crew, sound folk, great buzz and the music is off da chain!!