by / February 24th, 2011 /

The Knife hosting a workshop at a music camp for girls

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Dreijer siblings Karin and Olaf occupy a shadowy underworld of abandoned warehouses and art-houses composing our conceptual music-future but it seems electro-pop pair have time to pass on their craft.

In June of this year The Knife is having a two day workshop at Swedish Popkollo, a music camp for 12 to 18 years old girls. Popkollo is a organization with 1600 members at six cities across Sweden.

Karin and Olof says: We think it’s great to be part of Popkollo and to share our skills and we hope there will be more girls behind the mixing desks, in the dj booths, by the synth controllers and by the computer composing!.

The future of Swedish pop is in good hands.