by / April 18th, 2012 /

The Minutes to support Stone Roses at Phoenix Park Dublin gig

Dublin rockers The Minutes are the supporting act for the British legends Stone Roses gig at Phoenix Park July 5th. The band said on their website they are extremely pleased about it: “It’s gonna be a great day for us and hopefully a sunny one in Dublin”. The gig starts at 6.00pm.

Tickets are available on Ticketmaster priced €63.65

  • stan

    Who the fuck are the fucking minutes, was expecting a bigger name than this

  • Glenn

    who are theses, should of got beady eye and another top band

  • click

    Naver heard of these guys. I was expecting a bigger name 

  • Oldstreet

    Who cares if they are “well known” or not. Just because some band gets radio play and a whole lot of sheep go out and buy their music doesn’t mean they are any good. Much rather a band that plays decent music than some crap arse band that has a name! Minutes seem ok to me… Im happy. Could of been a lot worse.

  • Ger

    So we get The Minutes whilst Manchester, for tonight’s gig, get The Vaccines and Primal Scream.  Brilliant.  Glad I’m flying home for it.

  • Ray

    You lot are totally out of touch. They’re an up and coming band from Dublin.
    Check out the tune Black Keys on youtube or Gold.
    Wake the f*ck up.