by / April 13th, 2011 /

The Nightlife Exchange Project hits Portrush

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange will hit Kelly’s in Portrush on Saturday May 14th. The last time around, the Nightlife Exchange Project took place on November 27th all across the globe where cities swapped nights and culture globally. Our State rep was in India for the event and back home in Ireland the night happened in The Wright Venue where the theme was Buenos Aires.

The same theme is on the move and will see Argentinean nightlife brought to to Portrush. DJ David De Valera will headline while Argentinean dance music, urban tango, special drinks for the occasion and Latin American street art can be expected. Also playing tunes on the night will be Lush’s resident DJ Col Hamilton.

Tickets for the event cost £7 and are available from Kelly’s website. and can be purchased at. You can win tickets at Facebook too.