by / January 24th, 2011 /

The Stone Roses’ Spike Island gig inspires new film

When The Stone Roses played Spike Island in 1990 it would become stuff of legend. They had just released their eponymous debut the year before, inciting a baggy Madchester movement and the band were at their critical peak when they performed to almost 30,000 people – along with the ever-present police helicopters.

Tom Green, writer and director of Misfits, has scripted a film with the infamous concert set as the backdrop. The film was written by actor Chris Coghill – who played Happy Mondays‘ Bez in 24 Hour Party People – and follows the story of an unsigned band from a council estate in Manchester. The movie will include cameo appearances from a host of stars who have yet to be revealed.

Speaking about the movie Green says it is “a raw and truly authentic rites-of-passage story – full of the humour, heartache, dreams and fears of being part of a brotherhood of mates, and set to the greatest record ever written. The Roses died in ’95. This is the resurrection.”