by / April 25th, 2013 /

The Sunday Times Outdoor Film Festival starts today

The Sunday Times Outdoor Film Festival returns to Meeting House Square this Thursday (April 25th), and will be screening a modern classic once a week until May 30th.

Take a second to think about it, and the idea that people en masse would want to enjoy a film outdoors, at night, in Ireland, in May, doesn’t make sense. As ridiculous as the concept seems, the event has proven a hit, so just hold-off putting that parka back in the wardrobe as The Meeting House Square has another load of classics for you to feast upon.

Getting things started is Pixar’s Up (April 25th). Using the first fifteen minutes to successfully break our hearts, the rest of the film, following octogenarian Carl and his accidental side kick Russell on an high flying quest to South America, is dedicated to the task of rebuilding them.

There probably isn’t anyone old enough to attend who hasn’t already seen Back to the Future (May 2nd) and those who haven’t could probably piece together the story from it’s cultural omnipresence. Don’t let the over familiarity put you off though, some things are this popular for a reason.

May 9th brings us Cinema Paradiso; a film about childhood, friendship, cinema, and how incredibly attractive Bridget Bardot was in 1956.

May 16th brings the truly iconic tale of mobster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s peerless, Goodfellas. Scorsese’s eye for storytelling has never been sharper. Featuring career defining performances from Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci and Paul Sorvino.

Next up is the lesser seen but equally revered Citizen Kane (May 23rd ), the debut feature from the tragic –genius that was Orson Welles. Worth seeing if for no other reason than you’ll finally be able to understand all the references made in The Simpsons.

Finally, Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Picture Show (May 30th ) would probably be worth going along to even if you’re unable to get a ticket. Given the long tradition of those attending the theatre performances to show up dressed as the characters, this event would be an abomination if the crowd shows up fully dressed.

Tickets for The Sunday Times Outdoor Film Festival can be booked free of charge, first come first served, over at If you can’t get tickets to your film of choice, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to win some too.