by / October 5th, 2009 /

The XX Dublin headliner moved to Tripod

Update: Due to overwhelming demand for tickets, The xx show due to take place at Button Factory Saturday 19th December has been moved to Tripod. All other details remain the same. Tickets for the original show valid.

Currently wowing everybody with their debut album, The XX return to Ireland after their Electric Picnic performance for a headliner at Dublin’s Crawdaddy on Sunday December 19th. Tickets €14 available from Ticketmaster, City Discs, Sound Cellar and usual outlets go on sale tomorrow.

  • Let’s hope they’ve sorted out their slightly lame live show by then…

  • I keep hearing that their live shows are awful but I thought they were excellent at The Picnic.

  • I wasn’t there so I couldn’t say, but when I saw them at Reading they utterly lacked personality or stage presence, and frankly the audience were bored silly. Which is a shame, as the album, IMO, is very, very good.

  • Had two similar experiences to James but I think they’ll get it together soon.

  • Their Myspace says it’s on in The Button Factory…

  • Dale

    They need some kind of live/electronic drums. Your man hitting the drum machine is very limiting. He can only do so much. I know that’s the way it was recorded but it don’t work live if i may say so. Any build up gets lost as he can only hit so many things with two hands. Maybe im talking shit, but its missing something live. Are the two singers into each other? White Stripes buzz? hA!

  • lilly

    they were fantastic at tripod the other night!!!!!!!!
    so much bass, i wasn’t expecting it