by / October 11th, 2012 /

Thin Lizzy call it a day

Despite becoming a regular fixture of the live circuit, the remaining and new members of Thin Lizzy have decided that they will not record any new material under the band’s name, nor will they continue to tour. A statement from Scott Gorham reads, “out of respect to Phil Lynott and the legacy he created, we have decided that we should not release a new album under the Thin Lizzy name. It was a very difficult decision as we put a lot of time and effort into re-building the Thin Lizzy brand over recent years. Releasing a new album was the only way to continue this success. We all know how much Phil meant to this band and the fans. To that end, we have decided not to release these songs under the name Thin Lizzy. We want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the years and to all our fans. We will release this material soon and you will be hearing some great new music with the classic Thin Lizzy sound intact. We will announce future plans early in the new year.”

Going by their current schedule, this means that the band’s Olympia show on December 13th will be their last.

  • Joe

    ‘Nor will they continue to tour’ – as Thin Lizzy… However, the album is still scheduled to come out next year, now under a different band name, and nothing in the statement suggests that they won’t tour under that name. So all the people who didn’t want to see them bring out an album under the TL name? Well you got your wish. Did you know that it was going to cost you never, in all likelihood, hearing the band play Phil’s songs again? You know what they say, be careful what you wish for….