by / May 6th, 2011 /

Thom Yorke and Flying Lotus team up for LA DJ set

Thom Yorke performed an impromptu DJ set with Flying Lotus at Low End Theory in Los Angeles on May 4th. The set saw Yorke let loose and perform an array of tracks by artists such as Tyler The Creator and Ahu, along with Radiohead songs such as ‘Bloom’ and ‘Reckoner.’

Here’s how the Los Angeles Times described it:

Few things are more sublimely strange or meta than watching Thom Yorke DJ his own songs while an entire audience frantically films Thom Yorke DJing his own songs. Lotus and Yorke traded off on turntables with a chemistry that made it unclear who was selecting what.

The video clip below sees Yorke unleash a montage of babbling lyrics whilst dancing in a lotus flower-esque fashion…