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Ticket Giveaway: Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky

Texan post-rockers Explosions in the Sky started their five month long run of gigs around the world this week and the third stop is in Dublin this Saturday (26th January) with support from Eluvium. The show was moved from The Village to Tripod and is now SOLD OUT. It promises to be the last time you’ll catch the band in Ireland for a long time as “after June 2008, we plan on dropping off the face of the earth for awhile” (quote from their website).

The band are also curating ATP in the UK from 16th May to 18th May with the stellar line-up including Broken Social Scene, Iron and Wine, Battles, Dinosaur Jr., Animal Collective, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Four Tet, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead, Ghostface Killah, Silver Jews, Liars, The National, Sunset Rubdown, Stars of the Lid, De la Soul and Saul Williams.

To celebrate our official website launch (Plug: Our first issue in print out March 6th), State Magazine with thanks to Forever Presents has a pair of tickets to giveaway to the show.

All you have to do is leave us a comment below introducing yourself.

We will contact the winner by 4pm on Friday (25th January). Here are a couple of MP3s to sate your appetite.

Explosions in the Sky – Welcome Ghosts from All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (2007)


Explosions in the Sky – Look into the Air from How Strange, Innocence (2000)


You can also download a free EP The Rescue from the band’s official website.

Forever Presents:

  • conor callanan

    hey there nialler,

    just saw ur post pop up on ep forum so replyin!!
    have mates in NEED of tix, so doin this on their behalf as i in liverpool and hope to hit manchester gig!!

    best of luck with this site too!

    conor(hairy-sack syndrome!)

  • Eoin Collins

    I wouldnt give them to him. he’s from Naas!

    I’d love them myself. A nice Dublin lad, like me.

    (saw the post on EP, too, btw)

    Raoul Dela Fontaine

  • Desperate to get tickets for this….just about exhausted every other route! I have two friends coming up from Cork as well with no tickets….so this would be a life saver! Am I begging yet? I think so!

    Great job on the site lads….really looking forward to the hard copy!

  • Hey,
    Desperate to get tickets also! Would really appreciate em!
    Can’t wait to get a copy of the mag.

  • flynnduism

    Hi State

    Nice job you’ve done, the site looks really great! Consider yourself bookmarked. Tickets would be great!

  • Show me the tickets.

  • Padraic

    this is me introducing myself

    gizza ticket

  • Cian

    [complimentary website comment here] + [witty request for tickets here] = tickets for gig!

  • Aíló

    I’m not funny like him up there (*looks up*) …I don’t have a witty / clever comment (*looks down..shuffle shuffle sniff sniff*)… feel sorry for me …and give me tickets to boost my self esteem… no pressure! (*BIG GRIN!*) ;D

  • vialli

    Splendid news regarding your launch. Tickets for EITS would be much appreciated. Good luck with hard copy.Adios for now.

  • Luke McManus

    Hey, I missed the gig by God Is An Astronaut, Wicklow’s own Explosions In The Sky, so I’ve a goo on me for the Texan version. Nice one on the mag, hope its a roaring success.

  • enda

    introducing myself,,,, pretty please..

  • Congrats to everyone on the site, very nicely done!

  • Cormac

    Great job on State 🙂

  • Susan

    Nice site Nialler9 and co!Intro done.

  • Padraig

    Living the dream eh Niall. Great site.

  • Dec

    Nice stuff about the new mag. I’ve been sick all week, tickets would be very curative

  • Johnson Reynolds

    There’s a small orphan child whose parents were killed horribly in a bizarre accident involving trees…. yeah, that’s it – a tree fell on them. “If only,” he thought, “If only I could get tickets for Explosions in the Sky, then my miserable life would be made just that little bit brighter.”

    If only…..

  • Will

    Great site. Really great. Reminds me of magazines about music and what not. They use to print them on ‘paper’. they’d pile up over the years and get dusty and damp. Not anymore.

  • Paul Fullard

    Desperate to see them, Heath Ledger visited me in a dream and said i needed these tickets, he said if i don’t win Katie French will be back tonight to read the Sunday Independant to me, i just dont think i can deal with that.

  • Conor

    shit, i’ve been wandering about in the wilderness all night and now i’ve a bitch of a headache. i’m pretty sure that tickets like this belong to me anyway so why bother with forcing us to jump through hoops like little circus freaks. looking forward to getting what i so so deserve. cheers buddy boy!

  • I want to win these tickets, so I don’t have to spend another Saturday night standing in the smoking of whelans area watching ageing, bloated 30something dudes with Brain Jones haircuts hitting on 17 year old indie girls. I also like explosions in the sky.

  • seamie gallagher

    man it would be oh so sweet and awesome and sweet if ye could give me the tickets.i had to miss them in london a year and a half ago after everything was paid for which really sucked ass so to miss them again is just not really would be unbelievable to win.awesome site by the way

  • Ciaran

    I was told the secret to eternal happiness is to go this gig. Sounds a heap of crap to me but I’m not prepared to take the chance. I demand free tickets.

  • Jaysus, I’d love to give you all tickets! Only two though. Closing the giveaway at 4.45pm and notifying the randomly picked winner shortly afterwards.

  • Thomas

    Hi there.

  • I would really love to go and see these guys so tickets would be amazing.

  • Susan Murphy

    I would love the ticket. I was too lazy to get off my ass months ago when the tickets went on sale now i regret it.

  • Finian

    What a brill new site.. Good stuff..

    My mate is goin with a bunch of mates for his birthday and I can’t go cuz i don’t got no ticket… awwwww.

    Please, please, please. Let me.
    Get what i want. This time.


  • Finian


    The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place. The earth is not a cold dark place.

  • Finian

    .. dark..

  • Andrew

    “My childhood I recall as a period in which I waited for the moment in which I could send everybody, and everything connected with them, straight to hell.”
    Igor Stravinsky, composer.
    How about those tickets?

  • Jonny White

    Battle of the sexes over… men declared victorious!!!

    Please let me have the tickets. I gotta see them! My favourite band and my idiot brother didn’t get me a ticket in time.

    First Breath After A Come: Amazing

  • chas

    Howdy, Would love tickets for this…

  • Noel

    Best o luck with the mag looks good!

  • Munaf Rayani

    Here any chance of an auld ticket for the gig?

  • Tickets are gone.

    Winner has been notified!

  • Vinny

    Welcome to the building!, Vinny 4th Floor.