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Ticket Giveaway: I was a Cub Scout


I Was A Cub Scout are playing the Hub this Friday (29th February) and State have a pair of tickets to giveaway to save you the €14.50 cover price.

The synth-pop duo are returning to Ireland in support of their debut album, due for release later this month. In addition to playing The Hub, they will also play the Roisin Dubh in Galway, Saturday 1st March, and Auntie Annies, Belfast Sunday 2nd March.

With the release of four singles in 2007, I Was A Cub Scout have just released their debut album, I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope. The album was produced by Hugh Padgham (Genesis, XTC, Sting).

To enter, leave a comment below. The winner will be notified this Wednesday 27th February.

I was a Cub Scout – I Hate Nightclubs

  • Gwen

    I’d like those tickets please. Does our comment have to be particularly witty or is the name pulled out of a hat or what? Oh and just in case it increases my chances at all, I’m really enjoying ‘State’. I’m signed up to your RSS feed and everything. Because of you people I have tickets to see 3 bands I really like that I might not have heard were playing if it weren’t for you. The syntax in that sentence was horrible. Sorry. But eh, please? I like ‘I was a cub scout’.

  • No witty repost required. Just cold hard ticket desires! Thanks for subscribing. It means lots to us (tears)

  • Brian Chris

    Are ye sure the gig is still going ahead? Sure didn’t singer boy get knocked open with a bottle the other night at one of their UK shows, forcing dates to be cancelled?

    Oh, im still in right? Cool, i used to love the scouts, so i fully endorse any of their branch off’s.

    See my post was informative and (vaguely) entertaining. Winner.

  • Looks like it’ll be fine unless someone tries to bottle him.

  • Talentless fan

    This is historically crap but enjoy if u can! (It’s an arty poem made out of all the track names on their album). oh dear.

    We were made to love pink squares
    Though some preference people
    They require heart recommendations while squares only sit
    Save your wishes for the hunter’s daughter
    As your lonliness will echoe when your manners are bad
    There’s no minding P’s and Q’s when you’re with a shape
    – A person’s always a step too far behind

  • Ed Will

    In my Cub Scouts, the primary activity was jumping over a large, brown shoe that had been tied to a length of rope and whirled around at knee-shattering height.

    Tickets, tickets, tickets!

  • I’d be interested in being put in the bag for those 🙂

  • Tickets drawn from a hat went to Talentless Fan (not real name). Congrats!