by / June 22nd, 2011 /

Tieranniesaur announce debut album

Popical Island’s next release after this Saturday’s Popical Island #2 compilation launch and all-day party will see Annie Tierney aka Tieranniesaur release her self-titled debut album on July 29th.

Now a five-piece counting Annie’s husband and fellow Yeh Deadlies member Padraig O’Reilly, Ian McFarlane of Squarehead, Saileóg O’Halloran (formerly of Feed The Bears), Sara Golding and Popical’s resident drummer and Squarehead’s Ruan Van Vliet among the members, the album will feature both Tieranniesaur tracks that have been released so far – ‘Sketch!’ and ‘Here Be Monsters’.

The album’s sound follows on from what State’s own Phil Udell called Tieranniesaur initially – “New York indie funky cool with Dublin street wit.” The album has lots of grooves, funk and disco flourishes all shot through with a lo-fi band aesthetic and recalls the likes of ESG and Tom Tom Club.

The album will be launched on July 28th in Crawdaddy with Tieranniesaur, No Monster Club (Bobby Aherne raps, yes raps on album track ‘Azure Island’) and Patrick Kelleher.

The album will be released digitally, through Bandcamp and iTunes and if you want a physical copy, there will be cassette tapes and PlayButtons available. Playbuttons are custom pin badges with an Mp3 player embedded which will play the Tieranniesaur album.

Tieranniesaur – Sketch! by Nialler9

08-Tieranniesaur – Here Be Monsters by popical_island