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Tom Waits trio of Dublin concerts confirmed

It has been confirmed today that Tom Waits will play three nights in Dublin on the -Glitter and Doom’ tour this summer. They are his first in over 20 years.

Billed as Live at THE RATCELLAR it will take place in Phoenix Park on the 30th, 31st July and 1st August.

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday 27th May at 9am priced – fully seated from €116.25 and €131.25.

Telephone Booking Lines:

In Ireland: 0818 719 300
In UK: 0870 243 4455
International: +353 1 4-569-569

Or at

  • 166 for a seated gig in that fucking tent? Boo-urns all round.

  • BB

    It costs $80 or €50 to see Tom an America. Why the hell do we have to pay almost 3 times as much, its crazy. I love Tom Waits but if you pay that price you’re an idiot. It cost me €60 to see Nick Cave, that’s what it should cost. I’m sick of getting ripped off for concerts by MCD and ARCON. PEOPLE STOP PAYING SO MUCH FOR TICKETS AND MAYBE THEY WILL RECOSIDER CHARGING SO MUCH. Let’s show them we are not going to be ripped off and that Irish people are not just a bunch of rich fools.

  • People, let’s stop the madness. €130 for a gig in a tent. We are being treated like shit. Don’t pay it.

  • And another thing…’The Ratcellar’?

    No, ‘The Tent’.

  • Mike

    here here. loadabollocks. for such a non-sell out icon he fairly lets his fans get financially raped.

  • pol o gallachoir

    yes it’s steep for a gig in a tent but i’ve watied my whole life to see tom waits and if the price puts off all but the hard core fans it means i have a better chance of seeing the man live.

  • Sean

    the only way I’ll go to this is if I get a free ticket. not a chance in hell I’d pay that for anyone.

  • Eliza Drunkard

    “Go back to our rented houses with our 4 roommates after paying big bucks for rock star shows. What horror I want no part of this!” I started boycotting ticketmaster about a year ago – if the tickets aren’t available from Road, Wav or or I don’t get it as a pressie, I don’t go. And anything over €50 is just plain ridiculous and makes me feel guilty about how good I have it. For Shame Mr. Waits. For Shame I ain’t gonna see your show….

  • paul

    Hey stop whining. It’s been great to see where I work that everyone is just wishing each other good luck next Tuesday in trying to get tickets.Most of us wudda paid a whole lot more… So it’s in a tent – what would you prefer outdoors at the RDS with ropey sound or Croke Park against a 4,000 capacity all-seated extravaganza that I’m sure Tom will put on. If it’s too dear don’t buy a ticket….for Chrissakes look at what people paid to dress up in their finery to get royally rogered by Babs Streisand and her promoter. I know some who are thinking of trying to go to all 3 dates.

  • My concern is that high ticket prices for this type of gig will lead to high ticket prices for all types of gigs. Hell, it’s already happening. The most talent-free one-album flash-in-the-pans are charging you upwards of €35 to see them piss about on stage for an hour.

    I’m happy to let someone else pay €130 to see Tom Waits no problem. But I’m not happy when that means some greedy promoter decides he’s gonna charge €40 now for a show that previously would have been priced at €20. And the restrictions on the Waits’ tickets to combat touts? Bullshit. You can’t even pass on one of those tickets to a friend who isn’t named at the time of purchase. Plus you need a driving license or passport to get in? Is this meant to be ‘entertainment’?

  • Ronan

    Yeah I was fairly surprised to see Hercules & Love Affair going on sale at around €40 first before they realised no fucker would pay that for an act with their first album only out & dropped it to €30, which is still a rip.

    Christ even €80 for Radiohead pissed me off big time! And Leonard Cohen is an even rarer act than Tom Waits yet he’s €90! They’re riding the fans as raw as the Streisand gimps knowing they’ll pay it.

  • Dermot

    So, the touts are to be stopped from getting their filthy hands on the tickets – how noble. How much more noble it’d be if Mr. Waits were to step in and force the promoters / ticket sellers to cut their prices in half (which would still be damn expensive). €116 to €131 for tickets is an outrage. It’s been a dream since my youth to see Tom Waits live, but I think I’ll have to exercise some self-respect and dream on.

  • barb

    I’m over the moon and far away. A dream come true… 2 tickets for Tom Waits. Priceless!

  • Phil

    All three shows sold out this morning in three hours. Says something, not sure what though.

  • Sean D

    It says the aiken’s maybe undercharged??? [/controversial]

  • johnny j

    I dont have a ticket and i feel sick… i would pay 1000 euro to see that man.

  • I got two tickets but mkight not be able to go – unexpected family commitment-type thing!
    Does anybody know what can be done – tickets have my name on them so I might have to sell them to somebody called Sean Walsh. Any out there?

    Disappointed too!

  • Sean,

    maybe contact tickrtmaster and see what can be done?

  • Thanks Niall.

    yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

  • johnny j

    i need a ticket!! is there anyway i can buy one? or even work there? please help!!!