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TuneBreaker – The new music award for unsigned and independent artists

The inaugural Tunebreaker award is a music award aimed at unsigned and truly independent arts kicking off on November 21st. Set up by music industry professional John Toone, the award aims to encourage and recognise the new industry which is forming from bands and fans.

The award is open to all artists and bands in Ireland and Great Britain. Tunebreaker is about “elevating marginalised artists to the next level” with a focus on transparency. Anyone in the world can vote and the prize is £10,000 and there is no entrance fee. Here’s how it works direct from Tunebreaker.

How does it work?
TuneBreaker uses the innovative TuneBreaker SLV™ (Sales led Voting) method. The SLV™ method starts with artists initially uploading 2 original recordings in the form of MP3’s. These recordings will be placed in to the SLV system and be priced at £0.60 per song; For each MP3 sold the net profit is shared equally between artist and TuneBreaker AND one vote will be awarded. TuneBreaker will create standard incentive bundles of MP3’s which will carry bonus votes. The TuneBreaker Live Chart™ will automatically show positions & how many votes between each artist in the top 100. The top 100 will be critiqued by a Music Industry Panel and their top 50 will then be represented to the fans to vote for the winner.

Who’s involved?
Tunebreaker has been the initiative of John Toone, a music industry professional with over 20 years experience. The unpaid, music industry panel selecting the top 50 shortlist include Aoife Woodlock (Other Voices, The Jack Daniels Set), Dylan Haskins (RTE broadcaster, manager and promoter), Paul Kinder (MD, Cooking Vinyl Publishing), Paul Kramer (HitSheet & champion of emerging artists), and 1 more TBA.

More info on the Terms and the TuneBreaker Live Chart™ can be found on the site.

Artists do need to pre-register NOW to be ensured a place! Also start interacting with fans before the award begins by using the goodie bag, follow TuneBreaker on Twitter, and befriend us on Facebook.

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    Brilliant – great to see the interest! Small typo – for access to the goodie bag – go to


    G – TuneBreaker Development Team

  • ed darragh

    I am delighted that this innovative Tunebreaker Award Scheme is being acknowledged. Well-written article by the way. Sums it up perfectly. As one of the many marginalized artists you referred to…. This experience so far has been exhilarating, well run by a fantastically supportive technical team. There is such a positive feeling of something this industry has being screaming out for…. and a perfect anti-dote to the recession; everyone keeps on banging on about. Regardless of the outcome for me artistically.. I truly believe that this is the start of something very special. I urge any bands, artists or acts who are contemplating The Tunebreaker Award….seriously don’t hang around, just do it…less than two days to go.